Project Veritas Sues Ohio Elections Board

If you haven’t heard of Project Veritas then you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past several years. James O’Keefe and Project Veritas first came on the scene in a big way when they exposed the now defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) for their nefarious deeds. Project Veritas has been producing a ton of under cover videos about the shenanigans going on in Big Tech, which has been trying to force a certain narrative and silence conservative voices.

A brief review of the under cover videos on the site reveals O’Keefe has been looking into some things in Ohio as well. Now to be fair, Project Veritas is looking into this type of thing across the country. The thing we like about James O’Keefe and Project Veritas is their desire to get to the truth of the matter. We are kindred spirits, if you will.

Project Veritas has sued the Ohio Elections Commission alleging it enforced an unconstitutional state law banning the use of secretly recorded videos in campaigns. You see Project Veritas secretly recorded Ted Strickland expressing his REAL feelings about coal and guns, which was markedly different than what Strickland publicly expressed about those two issues. So the Ohio Elections Commission is battling Project Veritas over recordings of Ted Strickland that revealed the TRUTH of his feelings regarding particular issues.

Guess who is defending the Commission? Why none other than the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. It is noteworthy that the Ohio AG “declined” to comment on the matter. We will be watching this case with great interest. As you know we have sent several letters to the Ohio AG regarding the Better Flip disaster and the use of lodging tax funds to pay Port Authority Operating expenses, which is not allowed under the ORC. We find it intriguing that government types and politicians cling to the code when it benefits their argument, but somehow have amnesia and a double standard when the people point out clear violations under the law.

We will also be watching a case in Geauga County where Judicial Watch in Washington, D.C. is lending a hand to a Geauga County citizen in her lawsuit against the Geauga County Prosecutor’s Office for violations of ORC Section 149.43. If you don’t know about Judicial Watch, then you really need to come out from under that rock. In our opinion, and probably why Judicial Watch got involved, this situation in Geauga County is a clear cut case of weaponizing the judicial system against a citizen. The Prosecutor’s expensive attorney asked for a jury trial for a records request lawsuit. Yep, this is what happens when a peasant goes up against the ivory tower crowd.

We can’t help but see the similarities between this type of behavior and the way the deep state cabal in D.C. weaponized the FBI, CIA and the DOJ against citizens of this country. Those at the highest levels of GOVERNMENT set up two systems of justice…one for them and one for us.

It is no different at the local and state level. We’ve been in the trenches on several issues here locally and see how the wagons are circled. This is what happens when you challenge the deep state at any level. But perhaps the American people are waking up a little. They crave the truth because they’ve been fed lies and half-truths for decades. They are tired of funding their own destruction. They are tired of being ignored AFTER the election.

If ANY government agency is fighting a citizen to keep them from obtaining records, or purposely slow walking records requests with lame excuses of why they have not been produced within a reasonable time-frame, throwing them out of a public meeting, or trying to ban them from their premises, they likely have something to hide. If they use a lawyer to do it, they are using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to fund this bullying and weaponizing of the judiciary and/or justice system against the people’s right to know the truth. Those that would do this are truly the dregs of society…so stop putting them on a pedestal…they certainly DO NOT deserve that respect.

We wonder if there is any ban on audio being used in campaigns…you know like an audio file of someone expressing a zero tolerance policy on a particular issue in private and then caving like a cheap suit when it came time for the vote. Maybe it’ll turn up.

Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, this behavior of trying to stifle truth by government employees, elected officials, and rogue boards should concern every single American citizen. Both parties in Lake County came together against the Commissioners’ attempt to limit free speech at their meetings…we need to come together to fight those that would bully citizens to try to prevent truth from being revealed about how our tax dollars are being spent, whether spending is in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, ensuring that employees and boards are acting ethically and managing their employees appropriately, etc.

There CANNOT be two sets of justice…the restoration of BLIND justice must take place. WE must demand it. It’s time to take our country back and send these power hungry mongrels packing…By the People, for the People! Who’s with us?

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