Vaccine Risk Meeting Planned…Another Hot Topic

LFC will post information about meetings that we believe have a significant, general interest for Lake County residents.  Here is a group, led by Mr. Dave Black, that is tackling the controversial topic of vaccines.

Ohio Citizens Defending the Constitution presents:

“Preparation to approach W-E School Board on Vaccine risk and choice”

When: Wednesday,  September  4th, at  7:00 pm.
Where: Above Fionas, 4148 Erie Street, Willoughby, Ohio
(Enter front door and go upstairs)

The first 30 minutes is open to anyone in attendance to make any announcements of interest.  During the remainder of meeting, we will discuss a presentation that will be given to the Willoughby-Eastlake School Board on Vaccine risks and importance of vaccine choice.

The next School Board meeting is Monday, September 9th at 7:00 pm. We will make our presentation during the public comments.  Anyone interested in commenting will be allowed 3 minutes per Board rules. We will then give them an outline of points and will request a meeting with the PTA.

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom will be available for assistance.

Key points to remember and deliver.
1. The pharmaceutical industry is held harmless from civil suit, which violates both US and Ohio Constitution. It’s a rigged system favoring the vaccine industry.

2. Vaccines do not evaluate for carcinogenic, mutagenic or infertility affects.

3. Viruses used in vaccines can be combined with harmless substances to create an unnatural auto immune response such as the infertility affect of combining the tetanus virus with HCG hormones.

4. Ohio Law protects the citizens’ right to chose to be vaccinated, or not to be vaccinated.

The meeting is open to all. Free of charge. Please get refreshments downstairs at Fionas.
This meeting will provide valuable vaccine risk information for anyone interested.
(Ohio citizens defending the constitution: Meetup Group)

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