Concord Trustees…who will be appointed if Malchesky becomes judge?

We wondered  about the legal issues dealing with Mr. Paul Malchesky running for Municipal judge while holding his position as Concord Township trustee.

We were told by the Lake County Election Board that there is no problem with Mr. Malchesky remaining as the Concord Trustee while running for the Municipal judge position.  However, should Mr. Malchesky prevail in November, and become judge, then he would have to resign as the Concord Trustee.

That will then present an interesting scenario.  Mr. Carl Dondorfer is running unopposed for his current Concord Trustee position, while Mr. Morgan McIntosh and Mr. Jack Miley are vying for the retiring Ms. Connie Luhta’s seat.

Will the second place finisher in the McIntosh versus Miley race be appointed to the Trustee position vacated by Malchesky if he wins in November?  Mr. Dondorfer and the winner of the McIntosh versus Miley race get to make that decision.

pulling back the curtain

It will also be interesting to see how much of a factor Mr. Chris Galloway, Lake County Auditor and political consultant with Red State Strategies , has been in all of this palace intrigue.  Rest assured, we will check it out.
Red State Strategies State of Ohio Certificate

Correction:  Thanks to Andy Rose, Concord Administrator for his insight on this subject.
Also, if Malchesky is elected Judge, he will likely leave in Nov since this is a vacated judge seat. That would mean that Connie Luhta and Carl Dondorfer would have 30 days to appoint a new Trustee. After 30 days the appointment would fall to Judge Barlotta at Probate Court if Luhta and Dondorfer do not make it. Call if you have questions.

Many thanks to Andy for setting the record straight….


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  1. …is it Wiley or Miley..?


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