Corruption in Knox County

Corruption in Knox County
Written by Mr. Warren Edstrom
November 19, 2019

Mr. Flood tried to report a felony to The Knox County Health Dept.about open dumping of hazard waste into a waterway, a violation of Ohio Revised Code 3745-27-01[0][4].  Ohio revised code 3743.99[a] considers this a felony.

The Knox County Prosecutor, Charles McConville advised the health commissioner, Julie Miller, to violate local and state regulations. From March 12 2012 to date the health department has not been on site to inspect the health hazard violation.

The documentation shows that the prosecutor instructed Mr. Flood to cease and desist from contacting the health dept. again ever and all further inquiries have to be submitted thru the prosecutors office. This action denies Mr. Flood access to his duly appointed reprehensive and sent a chilling affect to further communications in this matter.

This kind of intimidation should not be allowed to stand.

Documentation provided by Mr. Flood:
letter to health department

cease and desist letter #2

cease and desist #1.jpeg


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