Shining the Light on Congress

We are working on a series of articles covering our elected officials in Congress.

We will start with identifying the Congressional districts,  what committees  they are on, and what do they spend on running their offices.

Here is a link to our source documents.

We have come to realize that although government may be “transparent”, they just dump the information in a big pile; they probably are hoping that citizens will just throw up their hands and not sort the pile into meaningful information.

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We have accumulated this information from different parts of the government’s website.  Nice to see that our Representative Dave Joyce [14th District]  was well below the average annual spending for maintaining his office. {$858,848 versus $$753,912 – a difference of $104,936 (12.2%)] In fact, Representative Joyce was the lowest spender of the 16 Representatives.  Well done!!

Ohio Congressional Reps

For those that pay attention to national politics, we could not help but notice that Representative Adam Schiff spent $1,053,398 for the year ended September 30, 2019. Those bogus basement meetings can get expensive.

We will address the Congressional PPB (Pay, Pensions, and Benefits) in our upcoming articles.

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  1. M.R.A…every Rep. in Congress gets it – Lobbyists for Citizens

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