The Better Flop…The Final Chapter

The Better Flop…The Final Chapter

LFC has written many articles about the Lake County Port Authority’s project known as the Better Flip.  We had no problem with the original concept, but had serious reservations about the implementation of the project.  We still contend that the Port’s Board, Executive Director and the Lake County Commissioners were guilty of at least non-feasance in their duty to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money.

The Board’s President, Art Lindrose, stated that they must inspect the house and prepare a budget before accepting it from the Land Bank.  We have proven that a budget was never prepared.  When asked how the Board approved a resolution authorizing that they spend $150,000 on the project, which happens to be the threshold for competitive bidding under the Ohio Revised Code Port Act, we received no response.

When we brought this matter to the attention of the Lake County Commissioners, only Commissioner Hamercheck was interested in looking into this matter.  Commissioners Young and Cirino had absolutely no interest in even discussing this matter with us and supported the entire efforts of the Port’s Board.  Even when the project cost skyrocketed to $299,000, the two Commissioners shrugged it off, as if to say “well, it’s only someone else’s money.”

Amazingly, when the Port’s Executive Director lied to Commissioner Hamercheck saying that a budget was prepared, it meant nothing to the other two Commissioners.  We have come realize that challenges by the average citizen are not welcomed by the political elites, and they simply “circle the wagons” to protect their cronies.

Please remember the names Jerry Cirino and Ron Young the next time they are on the ballot to represent you in any capacity.  Just say: “No Thanks…you no longer represent the average citizen!”

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