Abortion Body Count…the ultimate oppressed group

“It’s a Matter of Life…”

Written By: The Anonymous One

When it comes to abortion the first thing to be considered is the horrific body count. No other grave injustice in America, or in the world, has claimed as many lives.

In the United States over 60 million human beings have been put to death since 1973. No other group of people perishes at the rate of 3,000 per day as do the unborn. Moreover, no other group—even those who are victimized and oppressed—are formally declared by law to be “non-persons.”

Waste hauling image

Removing aborted fetuses from Planned Parenthood

Only the unborn have been systematically and legally cast out of the human community. For the purposes of their right-to-life the unborn are reduced to the level of a thing; even worse than a thing, they are reduced to trash, their bodies treated as so much waste or sold for scientific research.

The unborn are the most oppressed group in America. Their oppression should shake us to the core of our souls as only these totally innocent persons are subjected to a violent obliteration protected by law. The injustice of abortion is staggering.


(LFC Comments:  You can pretend it is not happening.  Moreover, you can deny reality and look away when it appears in front of your “lying eyes”.  However, if you accept the deception that humans can choose between life or death of this most oppressed group, in our opinion, it means that you have lost your moral compass.  There will be consequences for your actions.  Will you be in the Book of Life, or the Book of Death?  Eternity is a very long time.)

John Rogers State Rep 60th district


This is the current State Senator John Rogers (District 60).  He wants to be your next Lake County Commissioner.  Rogers has an “A” rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League [NARAL] for being a ardent supporter of abortion.  If you need proof, take a look at this link:


Here is a previous article we wrote about Rogers embracing abortion:

you decide

You get to decide if Mr. Rogers is worthy of your vote for Lake County Commissioner.  We already know that we do not want him “in our neighborhood”; as Commissioner he will have decision-making authority over funding for groups promoting abortion.  We have no doubt he will continue to support this heinous act.


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