Super Sleuth in Action…digging up the dirt on LFC

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(LFC Comments:  We received this from one of our citizen lobbyists. It is an article written on the NextDoor app.  It appears that there is a super sleuth that has been checking on us.  You know, trying to get the lowdown, the dirt, the real hidden agenda behind our website.  We, respectfully, disagree with the researcher’s findings.

Rather than reaching out to friends in cyber security, all you would have to do is ask any Lake County politician who we are – preferably a certain Republican running for State Senator that referred to us a “moronic blog”. (Hint: last name Cirino).  We have reached out to many Democrats, but they have chosen to ignore us since, we assume, they consider us irrelevant – just ask a former Commissioner running for State Representative (Hint: last name Troy).

Although we started in Lake County, we are a growing group of Ohio citizens that are tired of the lies, deceptions and betrayals by government officials that have been, and continue to be, perpetrated on average, uninformed, unsuspecting citizens.

Look for our Spring newspaper coming soon. Since we are a biblical based group we say: “Woe be to those that call evil good and good evil”. We will expose any individual or institution that “feathers their own nest” at the expense of the taxpayers!)

21 gun salute

By the way, when you see this on our articles, it is our way of saluting those patriots that paid the ultimately sacrifice to ensure our freedom and liberty.  Add 1+7+7+6 = 21….it is a 21 gun salute from LFC…we will NEVER forget their sacrifices.)

Lobbyists for Citizens?????

Hello Neighbors! Like many of you, I have seen posts on this site and others referencing a group called Lobbyists for Citizens. I was really curious about this organization and the people behind it. So I reached out to a friend of mine who works in cyber security and he showed me this cool website where you can find the owner, country of origination, IP address and other information for websites.

missing the mark

Missing the Target

When I entered the URL for Lobbyists for Citizens I found that owner information is restricted as private, and that the site originates from a physical address in Toronto Canada. When I entered the URL for Tabitha Korol (the only person mentioned by name on the site) I found that her website originates from Godaddy, when I looked up the website information on Godaddy it led me to an organization called Grassroots consulting, based in Utah.

From there I could see that the the owner of Grassroots consulting is also restricted as private. Here is the website, all you have to do is paste in the URL of the site you are interested in learning more about:

This all seems incredibly incongruous to me, I mean, if Lobbyists for Citizens is an Ohio based group, then why does its website originate from Canada? And if it really cares about local issues, why is the only identifiable writer associated with a consulting group in Utah?

When I gather information around which to base my opinions I like to make sure I understand the source of the information. This appears to me to be an unreliable source. Of course you all have to make up your own opinions, but I thought this would be good information to share here. Meegan

1 day ago · 17 neighborhoods in General

Bayridge Condominiums

It’s a major grassroots organization that has many local group leaders. A lot of grassroots do that. It’s not uncommon. It’s also not uncommon to restrict the information on your domain.

Downtown Willoughby

Thanks, Meegan. I admire your curiosity and really good questions and research abilities. Good job!

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  1. As you can see, the people behind this website aren’t stupid. They realize that bots will be out to attack them and try to take down this website because it is a threat to their powerbase. They want to public to stay stupid and ignorant. Good Job Lobbyists for citizens.


  2. Super sleuth. LOL…LOL…LOL…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. You see this is why I don’t hang out at places like NextDoor and Facebook. My head would literally explode from being exposed to so much idiocracy. HA HA HA HA HA HA. I’m hearing dueling banjos right now…LOL…LOL…LOL…HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    You know the sad part about it is…this individual will probably run for government if she isn’t already working there. Hysterical…I can’t stop laughing.


  3. Meegan is Most likely a Wickliffe school board cheerleader. Misinformation seem to run rampant there. 😂


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