The first thing I thought about when this Corona Virus came on the scene weeks ago was the supply chain issue. The benevolent government types across many administrations from Clinton to Obama, at the behest of their cabal bosses, determined to crush the manufacturing sector in this country. Through a variety of ways, these bad actors were successful in getting a good deal of the manufacturing out of the United States. We became a country of consumers rather than creators.

It became a joke of sorts…everything being made in China. We even admitted that most of what was coming out of China was “cheap Chinese junk.” Yet we continued to consume it. Why? Well because we have become a society of instant gratification and everything is disposable. If it breaks, just buy another one because it’s so cheap. No big deal, right?

So why is everything that is made in China so cheap? China is a communist country, they use slave labor, and they don’t have environmental regulations like we do. They are terrible polluters, most of their cities are smog covered. These two factors alone make goods very cheap. We can argue why our manufacturers built plants there, and I am sure there are many factors involved. Was it a way to survive, or was it greed? Maybe it was a little of both. Either way, it was a huge mistake that is now slowly being corrected.

The Clintons, the Bushes, and the Obamas, as well as their cracker-jack administrations, advisors and czars, were supposed to be just wicked smart right? The people in fly-over country are clearly too stupid to see the genius in what they were doing. Fact is, everything they would do would nearly decimate the manufacturing sector in our country. Manufacturing was on life support when Trump came in. Kind of seems purposeful wouldn’t you say?

When Donald Trump became President, he and his administration made a lot of changes which brought back some of the manufacturing. The biggest win in my opinion was when our steel plants began firing up again. You see, being able to make quality American steel is imperative for national security and our infrastructure. Previous corrupt administrations were ordering junk steel from China for everything, including our military.

In my view, Lean Manufacturing, was another huge blunder. The warehouse model went the way of the rotary phone…yet there is Amazon. Intriguing, wouldn’t you say? At any rate, the lean manufacturing model was adopted by most manufacturers, so if anything happens up and down the supply chain requiring a pause or outright shut down, it causes a bottleneck and all production up and down the supply chain stops. This is why many people in the automotive industry supply chain were furloughed in 2008.

When a nation is at war, or in the middle of a pandemic like what we are living through right now, perhaps lean manufacturing isn’t such a good idea. Perhaps we need to have a bit of both instead of putting all our eggs in one basket. We are now experiencing what it is like when you outsource nearly all of your manufacturing, you’ve gone to the lean manufacturing model…AND you are in the middle of a pandemic.

Perhaps now the people will understand the absolute necessity of manufacturing things in the United States. Maybe the country will embrace that CREATIVE sector of our economy. The people who work in manufacturing are makers. They are creators. The country most definitely needs this sector of our economy for a plethora of reasons. Right now these people are on the front lines manufacturing the things we need to combat this crisis and keep things as “normal” as possible. The same holds true for the people in the grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies. If you must go out to replenish supplies, please thank these people for serving their country.

I hope that the people of this country understand why manufacturing is very important to the economic health, and frankly the health and well-being, of this nation. Perhaps the people of this country will embrace manufacturing as an integral part of our national security and fall in love again with these creators in our culture. Perhaps the hearts and minds of the American people will be moved to understand that manufacturing is NOT a dirty job that is beneath their children.

Want to help your country but not fond of the idea of enlisting in the military? Then go to work in the manufacturing sector. This is truly Rosie the Riveter in the 21st Century…we NEED these makers. Because of this pandemic crisis, several factories are either retooling or considering retooling their plants to produce medical supplies, including the “Big 3” auto companies. I am proud to see the cooperation between the government and the private sector. This is one of the things that make America great. I love my country.

Additionally, we are going to start mining our own rare earth minerals. We are going to make, and have already made, quite a bit of money on trade…tariffs…rather than on the backs of the American worker. We are already energy independent, which I would like to believe means we will be moving from the petro/fiat currency system to a different system backed by something of intrinsic value. You have to be energy independent to do that…and Trump and his team have done it. I hope I live to see it, but if we restore the Republic to its original state, the Federal Government will be funded by trade only and the sovereign people will be freed from their income tax burden.

Finally, I hope we have learned our lesson through this pandemic. This country needs to make sure that certain economic sectors are NEVER, EVER subbed out again. Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, technology of ANY kind frankly, steel and energy should ALL be produced here in America. And we need to buy American…period. People need to get over their fear of “nationalism” which is just another nasty word coined by the globalist cabal…like the phrase “conspiracy theory.” Bottom line…you can probably discount most words that end in “ism” as pure BS. These are created terms parroted by the Mockingbird Media to get critical thinking people to just accept things that don’t make sense and to never question their government when things like the lone gunman/magic bullet theory are put forth in the sham that was Warren Commission involving their “investigation” into the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Manufacturing has not even come close to roaring back…now we just need the workforce. Word is that Lake County is hiring a Workforce Development guru…long overdue. For those in local government that are listening…as a way to fill the gap in workforce in Lake County, you might have to get a bit creative. Seniors will come out of retirement to help their country, but if they make too much money their social security is taxed. Really? Allowances must be made in times of crisis. Perhaps pay for seniors can be in the form of health benefits.

Maybe Alliance for Working Together (AWT) in Lake County can take this matter on and put together a coalition to work with the state and federal government types to demand change in this area! Bottom line is manufacturers in Lake County, along with the local government types, will have to begin thinking outside the box NOW. If the stats are correct, Lake County is going to be in a world of hurt in about 10 years. The private sector manufacturers need to partner with local government types (like Trump is doing in D.C. now with the pandemic matter) to lead the way, because the community colleges have failed epically even though the manufacturing sector has been literally begging them for years to help with workforce development.

The manufacturing sector in Lake County needs workers with a good work ethic, and seniors can bridge the gap that is coming until the younger generations step in. Making things that people want/need is an honorable profession…and quite lucrative I might add without the yoke of college tuition debt. Young people can actually move out of mom and dad’s house and pay rent and a car payment when working in manufacturing. Most all manufacturers provide tuition reimbursement as well as a full benefit package.

To those manufacturers and other businesses who are still exploiting cheap labor overseas and in the sanctuary cities around this country to make a profit…please come to the light side. In the alternative, may God have mercy on your pitiful souls.

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