Press Release…Tom Z. not overwhelmed with DeWine and Acton

scratching my head 1(LFC Comments: Tom Z raises some valid questions about the Covid – 19 impact on our hospital system versus the regular influence we have every year.  We wonder why the major cities in China are not experiencing the same problem that our major cities are experiencing.  China let the residents of Wuhan go to Italy and other parts of the world knowing the virus started in that city.  Makes one go HMMMM?)


For Immediate Release: Monday, April 6, 2020 – 9:00 AM
Written by: Tom Zawistowski
Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, released an Ohio Department of Health document that shows that, this flu season, 10,765 Ohioans have had to be hospitalized due to the regular flu.
In the meantime, the ODH reports that only 1,104 Ohioans have been hospitalized for the Wuhan Covid-19 Flu with only 119 deaths reported. Zawistowski called upon Governor DeWine and Health Director Dr. Amy Acton Saturday to start publishing daily the death statistics for the regular flu, along with daily death statistics for suicide, opioid/drug abuse, and alcohol abuse which are caused by putting millions of Ohioans out of work and forcing their businesses to close.
scratching my head 2
Zawistowski said, “On page five of this ODH document you will see that 10,765 Ohioans have been hospitalized for treatment of the “regular” flu this season. That’s ten times the number as have been reported by the ODH for the Wuhan Covid-19 flu. Which begs the question, why hasn’t that caused Ohio hospitals to be “overwhelmed”, particularly when that is happening at the same time as the Wuhan Flu?
Instead, we know of hospitals in Cleveland and Cincinnati and other parts of Ohio that are furloughing nurses and other hospital staff because they have so many empty beds.

flatten the curve 2
It is becoming very clear that there is no valid reason for taking the drastic and damaging actions that have been taken against citizens in order to “flatten the curve” when there is little evidence suggesting there is a danger of “overwhelming” hospital resources. These questions require Dr. Acton to report the number of deaths in Ohio this season from the “regular flu”, a statistic that is reported to the CDC by the ODH but for some reason is not published by the ODH for Ohioans to see. We need to see that number TODAY along with the suicide, opioid/drug abuse and alcohol numbers.”
Zawistowski continued, “What most Ohioans don’t know is that just two years ago, 2017-18, the CDC reported that 80,000 Americans died from the regular flu. That would equate to about 2,700 in Ohio based on population size. Compared to only 119 in Ohio from Wuhan flu today.
Hmmmm image
No shutdowns, no lockdowns, no state of emergency, no panic or fearmongering from the Governor. No hospitals “overwhelmed.” Now that the IHME today lowered their projections of US deaths from Wuhan flu to 81,766, a number almost identical to the 2017-18 flu season, one has to question why this was and is cause for the government to forcibly take away our Liberty and our prosperity?”

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