Dr. Amy Acton’s resume…

LFC Comments:  Thanks to the patriots at Auburntownship.org for this article on Dr. Amy Acton, former Medical Director for the State of Ohio.



Excerpts from the article:

A special thanks to Kelly Jones Pfister for making this letter to editor possible.

“Back on March 9, watching Amy Acton acting unprofessionally at press conferences, using analogies in place of science & NEVER providing any real data or projections as to the threat we were supposedly under, I knew there was something wrong. When she abruptly shut everything down against ALL expert recommendations, I was absolutely shocked & knew I was right.

Everything that has happened up until now I predicted on 3/13, because I knew she & DeWine has NO idea what they were doing & there was no way Acton had the “30 years” of experience DeWine claimed. Acton, like all other public officials, has a sworn duty to Ohio citizens. There is NO excuse for any of this. She knew her limitations.”


holding your nose

Dr. Amy Acton was a topic of conversation last night at Concord Township’s Stakeholder meeting.   There does not seem to be many that are “lukewarm” in their opinion of Dr. Acton.  It was stated that Dr. Acton has an 80% approval rating with Ohioans, and do not be surprised if she ends up running for public office.

LFC has no doubt that she will receive a very strong endorsement from our new “Democrat” Governor (IRON) Mike DeWine.


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4 replies

  1. What’s your point?


  2. The point is she was not qualified to have the position she held on our Governors council. Didn’t you read here resume mr anonymous or did you just shoot from the hip?.


  3. Clearly she was qualified…she held the position!


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