State Board of Education…moving far, far left

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[LFC Comments:    The State Board of Education preaches equality of opportunity, but really wants equality of outcome.  How can 70% of the graduates of Cleveland Public Schools not be able to read?  How is that possible?

When will the average citizen start to push back? We are paying an obscene amount of property taxes, and this is the leadership we get? Keep this up and we are guaranteeing that our society will collapse.  In reality, that is the end game of the communists throughout our education system.]


ohio value voters

After you went to bed Tuesday night your State Board of Education in Ohio passed a resolution you may not have heard about.
From Kirsten Hill, State School Board Member:
Racism and inequities against blacks, indigenous and people of color addressed in late night resolution passed by the Ohio State Board of Education
Ohio – A resolution declaring Ohio and its education system as systemically racist against blacks, indigenous people and people of color and in need of internal examination, correction for achievement gaps, disparate discipline, white privilege, white supremacy, cultural insensitivity, hate speech and implicit bias was approved by the Ohio State Board of Education in a 12 to 5 vote at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, July 14, 2020.
Kohler Racism Resolution Vote Tally:  Yes – Dackin, Dodd, Haycock, Johnson, Kohler, LaMoncha, Manchester, Miranda, Owens, Poklar, Toal, Wilkinson; No – Fowler Arthur, Hagan, Hill, McGuire, Woods; Abstain – Kilgore
The state’s academic standards, curriculum, resources and tests are to be reviewed to eliminate cultural insensitivity, racial bias, white privilege and white supremacy.  The state education department is instructed to provide support to local school districts to do the same.  State employees and contractors to schools are required to attend implicit bias training.  Training for  board members, state and local, is to take place to address the ills.
Ohio State Board of Education has 19 members; 11 elected and 8 governor-appointed.  See here:
[LFC Comments:  Here is a link to Kirsten Hill’s website that provides the original source documents.]

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  1. They get the lion’s share of our property taxes and this is the crap that is going on? Time to do something about the education system. Reagan tried and the black hats shot him…got right back in line he did. Now is the time to take our schools back…with Trump at the helm. Vote TRUMP in 2020 or the country and your kids’ education is doomed.


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