Bill Gates wears a black hat…he is not a humanitarian

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[LFC Comments: Gates uses the poor people in Africa for his experiments.  He is evil personified.  The JBS article below exposes Gates and his bio-metric identification experiments.  The goal is total control of the world’s population.  Remember evil works in incremental steps.  Ultimately, you will not be able to function in the New World Order’s cashless society without the bio-metric identification.]


With the current Coronavirus hysteria, it is certainly looking like there will be a massive push for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations once one is certified by the government. As organizations work at warp speed to create one, many medical “experts” believe that we might have a vaccine as soon as the end of the year.

In an interview with Fox News on April 5, 2020, Bill Gates stated that, “It is fair to say things won’t go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.”

It is now being reported that a partnership between the Bill Gates-financed GAVI Alliance and a biometric identification firm aligned with Mastercard will begin testing vaccinations records in West Africa. TNA writer Luis Miguel explains the details of what this entails in his article, Gates-funded Program to Begin Tests on Biometric ID Vaccination Records in Africa

The integration of biometric identification technology with digital banking and vaccine records is a dangerous step that could be used to force people to get their shots. This is just another example of how the COVID-19 scare plays right into the hands of the totalitarians who seek control over America.

We are seeing that the only way to convince the majority of Americans to get a vaccine is to keep the fear flowing. Hence the current hysteria about rising cases and the insistence by everyone to wear a mask.

We urge you to get a copy and read our reprint, “Forced Vaccines and Digital IDs,” to see what major agencies of the international Deep State have been working on that would allow the tracking and control of the population of the entire world.

Then follow the link below to contact your state legislators and governor to stop any forced COVID-19 vaccinations and spread the message that FREEDOM is the cure!

Stop Forced COVID-19 Vaccinations!


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