How Revolutions Start…we are witness to it

‘This Is How Revolutions Start’: America’s Youth Acting Out on Decades of ‘Leftist Indoctrination’


“If you have been shocked at the ongoing destruction of our cities by enraged young people, you shouldn’t be. This is a revolution that has been decades in the making.

America has had riots before, but never have they seemed to have the approval or acceptance of a major political party. Portland’s Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler even went into the streets and thanked protesters who have been destroying his town, before he was hit with tear gas.

What makes this a potentially dangerous revolutionary moment is that many of America’s elites either tolerate or support the rioting and the burning of US cities.

“There are always people who are willing to burn and to loot and to tear things apart. But now those people are getting support from the news media, from the Academy and to a large degree from the Democrat Party,” says writer and commentator Andrew Klavan.

How did America reach this point? Klavan says it took decades of “cultural rot” and “leftist indoctrination.”

“We have 50 years, maybe close to 60 years, of pouring this disinformation, this American disinformation into the minds of our populous and our young,” Klavan says. “I don’t see what the surprise is when they say, ‘Oh, America is a terrible country, America is a racist country, America was founded on racism.’ That’s what the New York Times says.”

Diana West, author of The Red Thread, says this is how revolutions start, and this revolution didn’t begin this year. 

“This is another cycle of a long March through the institutions, long efforts to overthrow the Western world, to overthrow the American Constitution,” West said. “The way these (riots) work is there will be a mass of people who have a grievance and they will be weaponized by a small cadre or not so small cadre of organizers.”


[LFC Comments:  Are you awake yet?  Do not believe everything you see or hear.  The lies, deceptions and betrayals are all around us.  Be skeptical, cautious, and prepared for what the leftists/socialists/communists have planned.  They want to destroy our country!  Who do we trust? The socialists/communists behind Joe Biden, or the patriots behind President Donald Trump?  The November 2020 election is for “all the marbles”. Even if Trump wins, the socialists/communists on both sides of the aisle will continue to try to undermine our Republic by continuing to riot and work with foreign governments to the detriment of the U.S.A.]

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