Affordable Concord Taxes Fundaiser

Affordable Concord Taxes Fundraiser
Wednesday, September 30th at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Let’s work together to support an intelligent approach in securing the best safety services for our community.

Grand Prize:

$500.00 in CASH

Travel prize:

3-night stay in “Cabin in the Clouds”
Smokey Mountains / Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Themed Baskets:

Browns Season
Fall wine & cheese picnic basket
Gift certificates from area businesses

Win any of these prizes for just $10 per ticket, with only 200 tickets sold

To buy a ticket or attend the Zoom fundraiser, contact:

Bob Sanderson, 440-409-7575

Make checks payable to Affordable Concord Taxes and send to:

7796 Rockdove Lane, Concord, OH 44077

You don’t need to attend the fundraiser, ACT will contact each winner

Deadline for purchasing the tickets is September 28th

Paid for by ACT – Affordable Concord Taxes

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6 replies

  1. Spend money to reduce taxes…makes sense.


  2. Spend money at the raffle so Affordable Concord Taxes can lobby to reduce paying money on taxes. The irony!


  3. We are posting this at the request of a Concord Resident:

    Concerned citizens spend countless hours trying to alert the community about another attempt by our officials to pass a padded $8m tax to build oversized and expensive fire stations. There is plenty of revenue the Twp. could earmark over the span of 26 years to pay for reasonably priced and sized stations WITHOUT taxing our community AGAIN! Didn’t you get the crystal clear message last year when the residents turned you down by 65%??

    Signs, copying literature and paying for advertising is not free. Use the tax money you already have in your til to build Station 2 on Prouty. Secure a lost cost loan and pay it off in 2 years.Then save money while you downsize Station 1 so YOU can pay for it with the millions you will collect over the 26 years of this levy attempt.

    Quit holding up this project that the firefighters needed 10 years ago while you wasted millions on Capital Parkway, the road to nowhere, buying land that sits empty and reconfiguring Crile Rd. I, for one, am not squeezing any more out of my strained budget.

    To the residents of Concord, VOTE NO ON ISSUE 1, No New Taxes.


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