Property Fraud Alert Services…From Becky Lynch Lake County Recorder

LFC Comments: We are giving a big “thumbs up” to Becky Lynch, Lake County Recorder, for this helpful information on the free service provided by the Recorder’s Office and available to Lake County residents.

For Immediate Release:

September 3, 2020 Painesville, Ohio; Lake County Recorder Property Fraud Alert Services are offered by the County from Recorder Becky Lynch’s Office. Everyday new stories emerge that underscore the importance of being aware of the security of our property, especially in these increased times of digital communications and remote access.

Ohio is no stranger to cyber threats. A recent article from the National Notary Association reminds its readers that “some forged documents don’t come to light for a decade or more…In the case of fraud against a family member, it often is not discovered until the property owner dies and the heirs realize their inheritance is

Recorder Becky Lynch says, “Property Fraud Alert is available for your property protection.” Realtors and land professionals could also share this service with their customers. Lake County residents, property owners, family historians and other interested parties can visit the website at: , and click on the “Sign Up for Property Fraud Alert” link.

Subscribers can sign up to monitor both personal and business names, as well as names of relatives who might benefit from additional assistance, as often times, property document scams will target the elderly, vacant properties, the recently deceased, or families in dire economic situations.

With Property Fraud Alert, subscribers will be made aware of official records being recorded in their name, including Power of Attorney, Deed transfer documents, Mortgage documents, and many of the other document types kept on Official Record.

The PFA program is available 24/7, and is a comprehensive way to help detect property fraud and provide community protection at no cost to the subscriber.

The Recorder’s Office maintains land records. The first Lake County Ohio Deed was
recorded April 16, 1840. Documents that are submitted for recording, are scanned, indexed and preserved by some of the most modern methods available to allow for secure access.

The County Recorder’s office fuels economic stabilizers for interests such as; accurate land ownership, title transfers and mortgage histories. These are good measures for our economic health.

For additional details on the PFA Product Information visit:

Contact Recorder Becky Lynch.
Office 440-350-2510
Cell 678-662-8839

Recorder Guidelines are updated regularly at the Recorder website


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