Catholic Priest Supporting Abortion…there will be a “special” place for him

[LFC Comments: We present opposing views on a variety of topics. Here is an article that we diametrically oppose]

Jesuit Priest Thomas Reese Stumps for ‘Catholics for Biden’

Excerpts from the article:

Last Thursday, Father Reese published an essay insisting that it is acceptable for Catholics to vote for Catholic candidates who openly support abortion on demand.

LFC Comments: We apologize to our readers, we cannot go on with this article. You are going to have to read the entire article yourself. Is it possible that being a Jesuit has something to do with this corrupt line of thinking?]

We wonder if this is the priest that Commissioner Jerry Cirino contacted when he looked for guidance on how to vote on spending the taxpayers’ money on Lake County Lifeline – a community group that supports abortion. By the way, Cirino, recipient of the Right to Life endorsement, voted to support Lifeline. We wonder if he did it “for the children”.

Shame on the Lake County Right to Life organization for endorsing Jerry Cirino!

Have any doubt about future of religion in America? When the clergy stops preaching the revealed Word of God, and pushes the social gospels, then it is the beginning of the end of religion as we know it today. Europe is foreshadowing what will happen in America.

Good luck on judgment day!

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  1. Doesn’t it sound nice to be a “progressive” Catholic. Almost sounds like an enlightened Catholic.

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    • You mean like Pope Francis?

      Fun fact: in his day Jesus was a progressive.


      • Until the catholic “faithful” clear out their church of their pedo priests and those that protect them, especially the hierarchy that moved the pedo priests (Jesuit and otherwise) around so that they could continue their crimes against humanity, are brought to justice you probably should just stifle yourself Edith. I’m assuming you are catholic. The Catholic Church is corrupt to the very core…at the highest levels…kind of like our governments at all levels. I commend the priest that finally stood up and stated the truth…YOU CANNOT BE A CHRISTIAN AND A DEMOCRAT. Period. Deal with it and get right with God.

        As for your comment about Jesus…he was anything but progressive. He shook things up to be sure. He was telling the people much of what Trump is telling us today. He was exposing the lies and deception that was the norm at that time…and the people had the same enemies then as they do now…organized religion full of money-grubbing pedo priests and pastors, corrupt government, and a corrupt banking system like the Federal Reserve we have today. This crap is ancient and there is NOTHING new under the sun, except the way the people deal with this ilk. Those who commit crimes against children cannot be rehabilitated. I’m a fan of what Jesus suggested…

        Matthew 18:6 – If anyone causes one of these little ones-those who believe in me-to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

        Trump is in good company…if Jesus was here today he would be very angry with the Catholic Church over its crimes against children and the lack of care that the Catholic “faithful” have had for protecting their OWN children. Look at how fast the Catholic “faithful” came out against the Covington students and Nick Sandmann even before they had all the facts. Despicable! Shameful! He would be very angry with the complacency that our elected officials, who are supposed to have a zero tolerance for infanticide and parting out aborted babies like a Chevy, would vote to fund ANYTHING that provides a path to abortion. But maybe there was an Indulgence payment…money is the true God of the Catholic Church hierarchy…and they have more money than most countries…at least I think they do…it’s been real hard getting the Vatican bank to submit to an audit…and those who have tried just wind up dead all of a sudden…strange don’t you think?

        Until the Catholic “faithful” actually does something to right the ship of the damned, yes that would be the Catholic Church in case you are wondering. Shut up! The rest of us are tired of hearing you defend a church who has protected these truly deplorable creatures who prey on children instead of praying for them and with them. And shame on you for refusing to clean your own mess up and making the rest of us handle it for you. Don’t worry, Trump and the patriots will clean it all up, including the pedo priests and pastors. Operations are ongoing…those who took any part in this global pedo and human trafficking network using church charities and other children’s charities are being rounded up as we speak across this great country. Well first level anyway. Any local officials who have looked the other way or even helped propagate this evil over the years should be very, very afraid. The good guys are coming for you too.


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