Becky Lynch Refutes Challenger’s Claim of Wasting Money

[LFC Comments: Ann Radcliffe was the former Lake County Recorder and is challenging the current Recorder, Becky Lynch, in the November 3rd election.

Ms. Radcliffe alleges in her Facebook page that Ms. Lynch wasted $9,000 for the restoration of records rather than just digitizing the records.

A Concord resident brought this to our attention, and asked if it was true.

We decided to go right to the source, Lake County Recorder Becky Lynch. We will let our readers decide after they have seen the truth. Transparency is our watchword.]



[LFC Comments: Here is the response from Ms. Lynch to all of our readers. As we said, we report the truth, and you decide who deserves the 4 Pinocchios.]

Thank you for a Truth Opportunity. 

I’m calling these attacks ‘FAKING not BREAKING NEWS’.  The truth twisting talent here is artful. 

These particular INDEX BOOKS in the Recorder Public Records Room were in sorry shape and are “one of a kind” volumes.  After meeting with the Records Commission Assistant Prosecuting Attorney to establish statute to allow for repair and restoration of these volumes, we did get them restored. 

Attached is a press release and the full contract which was followed for the Public Records Rescue effort.  I also attached the invoice for the outstanding work done by the Kofile Labs. 

My opponent let these valuable indexes fall apart, she actually used unreliable methods like over-the-counter scotch-tape which further damaged the records, to hold them together.  I did the right thing and restored them.  I am happy to talk with you about it. 

Best regards,

Becky Lynch
Lake County Recorder


[LFC Comments: Here is the press release dated February 21, 2019 detailing the work that had to be done to save these “one of a kind” records. Ms. Lynch was obviously proud of her department’s efforts to save these valuable records.]

This is the quote from Kofile for the work to be performed.
This is the invoice for services rendered by Kofile.


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  1. You have clearly never seen these amazing books in person. I would agree with a digital backup record but the originals should respectfully be maintained. I had the great pleasure to browse through them while I was waiting for my marriage license and they are gorgeous! Someone actually handwrote each entry in the most beautiful handwriting with exquisite detail. Not only are they a record of history but they are truly pieces of art!

  2. The irony is that Becky Lynch has made digital records far more accessible online than her predecessor. Becky Lynch has done a great job. This is a sad attempt at manufacturing a scandal out of nothing.

  3. I refute her refuttal! It’s 2020. Digitize already!

  4. I have to agree with Becky. The value of these historic volumes is worth restoration.

  5. Cannot be replaced, unique…

  6. Please define “one of a kind.”

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