Poll Workers Needed

Ohio Poll Workers Needed For In-Person Voting

Because many of our seniors are still taking precautions and will not be working the polls, we are helping SOS Frank LaRose to recruit poll workers, assuring Ohio will have in-person voting. If you would like to work the polls this election, click on this link to sign up.

Registered voters in Ohio this week received from the SOS’s office an application for absentee ballot. This is nothing new. We have been receiving them during election time since 2012. This is simply an application for absentee ballot. Voting ballots will only be sent out to those who request them. It is projected that upwards of 40% of Ohioans will vote absentee in this General Election. Voting polls on Election Day will be open and fully staffed in precincts across Ohio. The offices of the Ohio Christian Alliance are prepared to answer questions you may have if you do choose to vote by mail.

If you have requested an absentee ballot, click on this link and let us know. If you updated your voter registration or registered to vote, also click on the link. This information will help Ohio Christian Alliance better serve the church. Thank you.


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  1. I signed up weeks ago and haven’t heard a word from anyone. You’d think they’d be a bit more responsive if they were desperate for workers.


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