Concord’s Fire Chief Sabo – A Bridge Too Far

Opinion on Fire Chief’s Conduct Toward Residents

Written by Brian Massie – Concord Resident 14 years

It is really unfortunate that a, heretofore, seemingly rational individual loses his composure and reveals his inner self. We have a personal stake in this particular issue since we live in Concord Township.

The issue at hand deals with Matt Sabo, Fire Chief for Concord Township. Chief Sabo has displayed remarkably poor judgment when he decided to lash out at residents who do not happen to share his view on building two extravagant fire stations in these uncertain times when the Township has funding sources to replace the Prouty Road fire station now.

Sabo decided to air his personal views about certain Concord residents on the social app known as “NextDoor”.

We have confirmed that Fire Chief Sabo changed his NextDoor post when a Riverside school official contacted a Concord Trustee, and the Trustee had Sabo quickly realizing his grievous errors. Here is Fire Chief Sabo’s mea culpa:

This is known as “backpedaling” when you have been caught red handed making untoward, malicious statements about an individual Concord taxpayer, and a group of citizens that contribute to paying your salary and benefits. If the school official had not contacted the Township Trustee and expressed concern, it is questionable whether Sabo would have demonstrated “tremendous respect for Riverside Schools”. It appears he is blinded by hatred for those that disagree with him. when he sarcastically writes: “Let’s make them famous”. Sabo, whether he knows it or not, “pulled the curtain back” to allow us to see a dark side of his personality.

Chief Sabo has defamed the character of a decent, dedicated, tireless worker for Concord residents, Lake County citizens, and for that matter, the entire State of Ohio. Mr. Tom Hach is a model citizen who does not deserve the disrespect shown by Chief Sabo. If all citizens would spend 1% of the time that Mr. Hach unselfishly devotes to helping the community and saving our Republic, then our country would be a much better place.

It is also very telling and discouraging that Chief Sabo has also instilled fear in many of the seniors in Concord Township. They know what is going on, and tell us that they will vote NO on issue 1. However, they do not want a sign in their front yard because they are concerned that Sabo and the Concord Fire Department will not provide the same level of service given to those that will support the fire levy. It is reprehensible that Sabo has chosen to emulate the Concord Administrator with his bullying and intimidation tactics. They both have divided this great community,

We are inferring from Chief Sabo’s actions: “You either support the fire levy, or we will cancel you in the community.” That is quite a reputation Chief Sabo has created for himself.

Regretfully, we must say that we have lost confidence in Chief Sabo, and we are VERY concerned that he will not perform the necessary duties required of his position if one of the ACT members or supporters requires assistance from the Concord Fire Department.

We, hereby, request that Concord Trustees dismiss Fire Chief Matt Sabo for being a divisive force, rather than a healing force, in the community. Concord residents deserve much better from the Trustees, Administrator and the Fire Chief.


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  1. How are Concord residents supposed to feel this guy is going to keep them safe? This is outrageous behavior from a public employer especially one that holds people’s lives in his hands. You don’t support giving him more money he treats you this way? Unbelievable! He’s Unamerican!


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