Ohio Stands Up Lawsuit Amendment

Updates to the Ohio Stands Up! lawsuits and the
unconstitutional COVID-19 response

“It appears that the State of Ohio has intentionally ignored the law with its continued attacks on business.”

10/14/2020, Toledo, OH – As the State of Ohio continues its war against freedom, the elderly, an business throughout the State, Ohio Stands Up! has amended its lawsuit to reflect the fact that the State has disregarded the law it has cited in its own orders.

In Ohio under ORC 119.03G(1) an order issued under an emergency declaration can only last 120 days. After that it cannot be reissued even if it is altered without going through the normal rulemaking process. This means that many or most of the rules issued under the COVID-19 emergency declaration are no longer valid.

The State must be aware of this since that rule was mentioned in a number of orders. “We are not sure why the State continues to illegally wage war on the people and businesses of the State of Ohio but hope to see that end soon. It appears that the entire “Re-Open” plan is void since it is simply an amendment to the close-down,” said attorney Renz.

The amendment to the lawsuit was issued in response to the State’s continued objections to discovery. The question to ask, according to Attorneys Renz and Gargasz, is, “if the state doesn’t have anything to hide, why are they trying so hard to hide it?”

The normal rulemaking process requires the State to disclose facts and science behind the rule and also allows for public comment. If, as the governor says, the State is following the science and doing the will of the people there really is no reason this process has not been used given that the COVID-19 response is now six months in.

Also, as governors and municipalities continue to take unjustified actions to “protect” people from a disease roughly as dangerous as the yearly flu, Ohio Stands Up! and Make America Free Again have partnered to assist other states in fighting for freedom.

Through that partnership, OSU! and MAFA, in conjunction with Attorneys Renz and Gargasz are truly honored to announce that they will be working with two amazing patriot attorneys in a second state to bring a similar suit there. The specific state is not yet being named because the suit is not yet complete but we look forward to
sharing more as soon as possible.

For more information, visit www.ohiostandsup.org and https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/

Media Contact: Thomas Renz | 419-351-4248 | renzlawllc@gmail.com

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  1. Gail Pavliga, candidate for the Ohio House 75th District, is proposing legislation that would require any public official depriving a business of the use of its property or services to initiate proceedings to compensate that within 30 days. Failure to do so is a felony which would result in the public official being removed from office if convicted. It shifts the burden from the makers to the takers.

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