Becky Lynch Questioning John Rogers and the Lake County Health Department

[LFC Comments: The deceptions surrounding the CoVid-19 virus seems to have “infected” all of our government officials. Becky Lynch has the courage to stand up and question the statistics being promulgated by the Lake County Health Department. John Rogers, candidate for Lake County Commissioner, seems quite content to just pass along the numbers without even questioning if we are being deceived. Way to go Becky Lynch!!! We need more elected officials that will speak up for the average citizen.]


From: [mailto:district60-bounces@list.ohiohouse.govOn Behalf Of State Rep. John M. Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 11:53 AM
To: ‘‘ <>
Subject: Lake County Health Situation Report – October 21, 2020

Dear Neighbor,

Attached to this email are the latest Situation Report and COVID-19 Data Report from the Lake County General Health District. They outline the current measures being taken to combat the spread of COVID-19 across our County.

More information may be found online at

John M. Rogers
State Representative
60th Ohio House District

[LFC Comments: Mr. Rogers proudly supports Planned Parenthood, and has a 100% rating from NARAL. It is very sad that Rogers believes in killing, dismembering babies and selling body parts for a profit. Shame on you John Rogers!!!]


Here is the response that Ms. Becky Lynch, the Lake County Recorder, sent to Mr. John Rogers.

From: Lynch, Becky
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020 11:34 AM
To: ‘‘ <>
Subject: RE: Lake County Health Situation Report – October 21, 2020

October 22, 2020

Dear Representative Rogers,

I am glad to receive all the prompt Covid information, and would like to ask a question my husband keeps bringing up when we see all these stats, and that is this: “What is the total number of tests being done in order to arrive at the number of positive cases?” 

It seems a logical and necessary number to know, don’t you agree?  For instance your attached cases cumulative count shows 1,883 which is an amount ‘accumulating’ since March 21, 2020.  How many people have been tested in order to arrive at this number?  And then let’s see what the actual trends are.  What are the percentages while equipped with the whole truth.  I don’t buy into fear mongering.  I believe that broadcasting a number such as ‘1,883’ and peddling it as a current number, when it represents over 6 months of time, is not only deceptive, it is irresponsible.  I would hope that you concur.  And if you do, I would hope you would stand up and say something on our behalf.

The truth is, by simply focusing on a climbing number (without the actual number of tests) is not a representation of reality.  If you say 57 people out of 11,000,000 have succumbed to the Covid – that is truth.  That is not a panic trigger, that is not a number which can be used to manipulate people.  That is the actual truth.  Per your attachment 57 people have died from Covid in Ohio since March.  Per your attachment 192 people have been hospitalized due to Covid since March.  Are they still in the hospital?    And another thing which boggles my mind is that the health district puts a disclaimer on their own figures.  They don’t even know for sure so they add “DIFINITIVE CAUSE OF DEATH CAN TAKE WEEKS TO DETERMINE”.  This reporting paranoia has been out of hand far too long and I hope you will see the need to reign in the apparent incessant flaws.

Please let me know if  you can help me get the information of exactly how many tests have been performed in Ohio in order to justify that there are even 1,883 cases.  I’m a pretty logical human being John, I lost my Mom on June 16th and was forced to care for her through a window in her last weeks on this earth.  There must be a more compassionate and reasonable way to help families keep their loved ones safe.  My sister Christy had a great idea to utilize the parking lot areas at the senior facilities to test the families and let them in!  We would have gladly been tested in order to be with our Mom.  Government should not be hindering our rights as human beings and our rights as citizens!  Since we are our government, we have quite a bit of work to do to strike a healthy balance with truth!

Thanks for your time Representative Rogers, I really appreciate it.  I made a promise to my Mom’s sister, my Aunt Mary that I would do all that I could for better and more humane treatment of our precious senior citizens who are the most vulnerable in this fight.

Kind Regards,


Becky Lynch-Recorder
Lake County Ohio
105 Main Admin Bldg 3
Painesville, Ohio 44077
Office: 440-350-2510


Becky Lynch…looking out for Lake County Seniors

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  1. Becky,
    It’s not 57 deaths in Ohio…it’s 57 in the county.
    There are over 5,100 deaths out of 11,000,000.


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