ACT’s Response to Concord’s Issue 1 Fire Levy

[LFC Comments: We have been asked to publish the following response from the Affordable Concord Taxes group regarding the passage of Issue 1.]


47% or 5,830 citizens felt that the proposed stations are clearly too large and expensive for the specific needs of Concord Township.

Still, what’s most important is providing our first responders with the best possible resources. We have always supported that, despite our objection to the Township’s funding via a tax levy.

We hope the Trustees and the administration heard the real and rational concerns of the people who actually fund the community’s many needs.  We encourage them to continue revising their plans to reduce the size and costs of the two stations  – thereby lessening the burden on residents and shortening the payback period to within ten to twelve years, which is what they promised.


[LFC Comments: Congratulations to all three Trustees (Dorndorfer, Lucci and McIntosh), Mr. Andrew Rose, Concord’s Administrator, and Mr. Matt Sabo, Concord’s Fire Chief, for leading the charge to get Issue 1 passed by the voters. You may have won, but at what cost? Dividing the community through intimidation of seniors is a heavy price to pay. Do not think that we forget your tactics, or will just go away.]

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  1. 47% voted no, but you can’t jump to conclusions as to “why” they voted that way. There was no space on the ballot to give your reason… came up with that reason because it fits your narrative.


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