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Everyone who loves the country knows President Trump has delivered for America repeatedly during his first term, and we, the FON Team, remain steadfast in our support for him as he continues to drive for a Fair and Free outcome based on the November 3rd election.  We may not know the twists and turns which yet remain or what God’s plans are, but we do know we have obligation to our nation and our posterity to do everything we can to show we will NOT ACCEPT THIS FRAUDULENT ELECTION!   

Therefore, we are asking you to organize a ‘Stop the Steal’ Rally in your county this weekend to remind people the election is not over and this fraud will not stand!  It does not take much time or effort to organize, and we are happy to provide advice and to promote your event.  When you plan your rally, please let us know the following information:

County, Date, Time, Theme (Stop the Steal), Location (include a nearby address), What signs and other things to bring.                              

 Current Event List

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