It’s a Matter of Life

LFC Comments by “A Watchman on the Wall”:
When 72% of “Christian” churches no longer believe in the Word of God as written in the Bible, we can understand why evil is winning in our world right now.


“It’s A Matter of Life…”

Written by “Anonymous One”

Legislators pass laws to legally kill a baby on the day it is born, and it is celebrated. We are in the midst of pure evil.

We have an enemy of the unborn who flaunts church teachings and who is ruling by fiat while on a mission to destroy hard won protections for the pre-born in our nation and internationally.  We are in the midst of pure evil.

When Jesus was a baby, Satan prompted the government to murder babies. We have a new government. Same old demons. We are in the midst of pure evil.

Christians; this is not a time to let discouragement get you down, though may look like Satan has won, this is just one battle in the spiritual warfare in which we find ourselves. God will win the war. 

Keep the faith. Don’t give up. We need to trust in Jesus now more than ever.  Look up, fast and pray, hold on to your Faith with all your heart, soul, mind; God is on His throne. He is still in control.


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