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LFC Comments: Our experience with local politicians and bureaucrats when confronted with their obvious misconduct and violations of the Ohio Revised Code is to threaten a lawsuit against the average citizen making the charge, or they ignore you completely. They may quietly fix the problem, but will NEVER admit that they are wrong.

At the national level, we see corruption taken to a whole other level. The evil cabal of Democrats, RINO’s, multi-national corporation, and the legacy media are lying, deceiving, and betraying the Republic and average citizens.

The following information was provided to us by partriots.


Help your family and friend contacts to better understand what is taking place within the prosecution of this second fake and frivolous Impeachment Trial against President Trump, and to understand the evil Communist forces behind the trial. 

The second fake impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the 45th president and the greatest President of the United States, will commence on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. President Trump was falsely impeached for the second time by the House of Representatives on January 13, 2021. The House wrongly and frudulently adopted one article of impeachment against President Trump: incitement of insurrection.

Please know that most of the US Democrat politicians, and even many Republicans, and many of America’s lawyers are owned by the Chinese Communist Party and have been criminally paid lots of money for decades to destroy our American democracy.  

President Trump is the first President to have the courage and unwavering commitment to stop the takeover of America by Chinese Communist forces through their blackmailing thousands of complicit politicians in most every city of our nation. From the first day of his Presidency, Donald Trump vowed to CLEAN THE SWAMP.  The treasonous politicians have been shaking in their boots ever since he took Oath of Office on January 20, 2017.  

Therefore, the treasonous American politicians and lawyers will try to prevent, in this frivolous Impeachment Trial, Pres Trump from ever holding office again, as well as stopping his MAGA movement, including all 80 million American patriots.  

The political traitors who have taken dirty bribes of Communist money from China are impeaching him again in order to squash and silence Pres Trump and his movement forever. That means you and me!

Millions of Communist-backed dollars have been spent on this frivolous second impeachment hearing, and the political and legal traitors will be going after Pres Trump with everything they can dream up, using false testimony and criminal witnesses, while trying to falsely prove Pres Trump lied about the 2020 election fraud and that he incited a riot against Congress on January 6th.  

We can support the ‘prima-facie’ case of the 2020 election fraud by sharing the NAVARRO REPORT with others.  

Sadly, Pres Trump’s lawyers have wrongly convinced him not to use any of the thousands of pieces of indisputable evidence of the 2020 Election Fraud during his defense in the coming Impeachment Trial.  This us insanity!  Recently a lot of the President’s attorneys resigned from his defense due to the disagreement of the ‘prima-facie’ to be used. 

Instead, it is the informed and professional consensus of many American Constitutional lawyers that Pres Trump must use the 2020 election fraud as his ‘Prima-Facie’ evidence.  

Let’s help turn up the heat! Distribute The Navarro Report to others. Let Americans see all of the indisputable evidence of fraud. 

The frivolous Impeachment Trial defense must be all about the 2020 Election Fraud. Without proving this, America will cease to be a free and a democratic republic. 


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