DeWine and LaRose take their comedy routine on the road

LFC Comments: In an effort to be all inclusive, we have asked our new contributor, Juan Carlos, to weigh in on this:

Gracias a mi amigo por este articulo…For our English readers…Thanks to my friend for this article.

Here we see our illustrious State Republican leaders Governor Mikey DeWine and Secretary of State Frankie LaRose at a press conference some time ago. We can imagine what they were whispering to each other:

Brave Reporter asks: If there is a mask mandate, why are you not wearing a mask?

Frankie: “Mask, a mask you ask, why that is a very good question. Let me ponder that question, before I give you a none answer.”

Mikey: “You tell‘em Frankie”…”get his name”…”he’ll never work in this State again”…”we can’t let him get away with making us look like idiots…”we can do that on our own”.

Frankie striking a Reaganesque pose: “My fellow countryman…lend me your ears”…

Mikey: “Oh, great Frankie…keep going…the sheeple want to believe the comforting lies”…”forget the ‘let them eat cake line‘ though….”

Frankie continues to pontificate: “We have come before you today….turn page…we have come before you today to discuss why we must destroy the economy to save our fellow citizens.”

Mikey with a growing look of concern on his face: “Yikes, Frankie”…”move on”….”if you ever want to be Governor lies, and deceptions are the key.”

Frankie with a surprised, puzzled look tries to recover: “The question has been posed, by this enlightened reporter, a stalwart of our freedom of the press, a shining example of the greatness of America, why we do not have to wear a face diaper…er, uh, a face mask. The answer is really quite simple: “We don’t have to wear no stinkin’ masks.” “Dats” only for the serfs, peons, the minions, if you will.” Ain’t that right boss?…Mikey?”

Mikey with all the blood drained from his face quickly escorts Frankie from the stage before he hurts himself…..

Frankie can be heard muttering….”Did I do good boss?” “Still going to support me, right?”


Juan Carlos…lo siento, pero Mikey y Frankie se han dejado el edificio…

English translation: I am sorry, but Mikey and Frankie have left the building

Adios por ahora…bye for now.


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