LFC Welcomes the Patriots from Pasadena, CA.

LFC Comments: We are pleased to provide a platform for the patriots in Pasadena, CA.


Dear Warrior Patriots,

I plan to be in Glendale Wednesday at noon for the recall rally. I look forward to seeing you later on Wednesday evening. We are having two consecutive sessions, see flyers below.

We have so much to talk about and lots of information to share. Please bring anything that pertains to what we discussed last week:

  • Recall efforts and CA Governor election
  • Election integrity
  • School Choice
  • Where to shop and not buy anything made in China
  • 2nd Amendment
  • All things Plandemic
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Patriot businesses / open restaurants in which to invest our $
  • How to demonetize Big Tech

PLEASE check out the Patriot Academy’s Constitutional Defense Course. I’d like to attend June 6th – 8th. The cost is $99. If you don’t have your own gun, you can rent a gun $50/for 3 days.  It’s in Pahrump, NV, about a four hour drive. If you would like to sign up, we can ride together.

Here is a very good video on the vaccines The Gene Code Injection

“This document was accidentally found in the trash, you won’t believe what it is” LINK

“The group ‘Our Vote Matters’ is suing Facebook, Dominion Voting Systems, Mark Zuckerberg, certain state officials, and others for infringing upon our right to vote, assemble and speak freely.  You can join them too.” LINK

Our potluck will be this Friday, the 26th from 3 – 9PM, drop by when you can.

As always – great fellowship and live entertainment. Bring a snack or dish to share.

Keep the Faith / Speak the Truth / Be Fearless



You may have heard that illegals are entering our country, no questions asked. Not to worry, Nancy has it covered: [LFC Comments: We heard that her ice cream is the best in California.]


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