Pasadena Patriot Warriors…meeting in Los Angeles

“Do not forget that every nation deserves the government that it endures.”   

Patriot Warriors,

Tomorrow we will meet at The Veterans Memorial Square in Highland Park from noon – 4:00.

The Google Plus Code:  4R88+27 Los Angeles, California                         

It’s across from the 99 Cents Store at 6235 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042 

I will be there early to set up and pray. I recommend face masks to avoid being doxxed, just a suggestion. 

Safety is always first so I ask that if there is some antagonistic presence that we do not engage. If the presence does become unsafe, we will shut down. 

Our priority is to graciously represent Christ and President Trump. Always consider the group as a whole and don’t do anything that Silent No More would not do as a whole. Please, no alcoholic beverages. 

If Not Us, Then Who     If Not Now, Then When     If We Fail, Then Freedom Fails     

Rise Up, United We Go Forward     Hold the Line, Winter Soldiers

Love you guys!


Servant of Christ, defender of America – Romans 13:1


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