Ashtabula County Board of Elections Kerfuffle

[LFC Comments: Thanks to a Painesville Lobbyist for this article. Upon reading this, our thought was that this would never happen at the Lake County Board of Elections. Bravo to Ashtabula BOE member Isaac Arthur for speaking up. When the Board of Elections does not mind skirted the ORC, it taints their whole operation.

From an Ohio Open Meeting law expert we have learned the following:

“The executive session was clearly held in violation of the Open Meetings Act. Everything that happened in that meeting is invalid. R.C. 121.22(H). So right now there is no Director or Deputy Director of the BOE.

Not a good situation at all.”

Cue the law and order music…..


A Request for an investigation of the Ashtabula County Board of Elections

“Last night, Ashtabula County Board of Elections member Isaac Arthur delivered a detailed request to Ashtabula County Prosecutor Colleen M. O’Toole, asking that she conduct an investigation of the reorganizational meeting of the board of elections on March 2, 2021. Secretary of State Frank LaRose has been advised of the contents of and issues raised in this request.

The Ashtabula County Republican Party commends Mr. Arthur for his diligence and leadership, and stands ready to work with Prosecutor O’Toole and Secretary LaRose to assure free, fair and competently administered elections in Ashtabula County.”



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