It’s A Matter of Life

“It’s A Matter Of Life…”

Written by: “Anonymous One”
March 24, 2021

After the November 2016 election results, many Christians found hope and assurance that, “God is still on His throne.” 

The 2020 election debacle and the resultant rabid dismantling of so much of the historic progress made that restored our nation’s path toward achieving goals protecting the “Sanctity of Human Life”, Freedom of Religion, as well as our other cherished founding principles, has all but destroyed the bright hope felt just a short four years ago.

Though feelings of utter defeat are understandable, we must refocus and not descend into fear and despair.  One of the blessings of our Christian faith is that we are a people of eternal hope.

It is claimed that the admonition, “Be not afraid” appears as this quote or some words of the same meaning 365 times in the Holy Bible.

We would be well-advised to remember this advice and also  to keep in mind that, throughout even these disturbing times, “God is still on His throne.”




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