Health Passes…just a conspiracy theory you say…

LFC Comments: Thanks to our California lobbyist for sending us this article. Many Americans will just write this off as another conspiracy theory. To do so would be very foolish, in our opinion.

First the health passport, then forced vaccinations to update “your operating system”, and then the chip will be implanted to allow the government total control of your life.

Two years ago, if someone had said that the government will force you to wear a mask (for your safety and the safety of others) permanently, would you have thought it was even remotely possible?



  • IBM and Moderna have teamed up to produce COVID-19 digital health passes to allow people to “return to the activities and things they love.” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the Excelsior Pass, built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass, during his January 2021 state of the state address.
  • Other pilot programs for health verification passes have also been rolled out in various places around the world. In Israel, there’s the Green Pass, and in Los Angeles, California, schools have adopted the Daily Pass QR Health Portal, a partnership between Microsoft and Anthem Health. The European Commission has also rolled out a plan for its own digital green pass.
  • The voluntary “health passes” now being rolled out are just the tip of the iceberg. Before long, they will become mandatory, at which point unvaccinated individuals will be effectively excluded from society.
  • Health passes are tied in with the far broader agenda known as the Great Reset, which involves a complete redesign of supply chains and capital organization structures.
  • Health passes will also help build and facilitate the transhumanist technocratic plan to profit from genomic data collection.

Better hang on folks, as technocracy’s plan to digitize you to the blockchain so you can be manipulated and controlled as a digital asset is being deployed — just as they said they would.

Please understand, though, that this technocracy blockchain implementation is centralized, which is the primary problem as it is under the government’s control. This is in radical contrast to decentralized crypto assets like bitcoin, which I believe actually offers a solution to the impending tyranny and seizure of our finances.




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