Ohio Gun Owners…waiting periods are deadly

LFC Comments: We are providing a platform for the Ohio Gun Owners Group. They are against the federal legislation H.R. 1752. LFC is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment.



When a violent criminal shot and killed multiple people at a series of Georgia massage parlors last week, you could all but hear the gun-grabbers inhale deeply, praying that the shooter used a gun bought in a private sale.

After all, these sickos would love nothing more than to use the death of these Georgia women to advance H.R. 8 — Joe Biden’s national registration bill — which is stuck in the Senate.

You can imagine how furious the gun-grabbers were when the police announced that this monster walked into a gun store earlier that same day and bought a handgun from a dealer, which requires a background check.

Of course, this is almost always the case. Virtually every ‘mass shooter’ of the last decade bought his guns legally, proving how utterly worthless background checks are at stopping crime.

Unable to use this shooting as justification to pass H.R. 8, Nancy Pelosi and the America-hating socialists in D.C. are hoping to use this event to advance another of their long term goals: mandatory waiting periods on gun sales!

While the radical left is working to disarm as many of us as they can through gun registration schemes, bans on ‘assault weapons,’ and ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ they are also hoping to make it harder for Americans to buy guns in the first place.

Mandatory waiting periods on handgun sales — whether it’s 3 days, 7 days, or 30 days — is another way that they can clamp down on our right of self-defense!

Criminals won’t be bothered by these silly delays, of course. They can wait three days to attack their victims or steal a gun or get one from another criminal.

But for law abiding citizens — especially women — waiting periods are deadly! In fact, waiting periods are guaranteed to get more women raped and murdered, while they wait for government permission to buy a gun!

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