We are in a spiritual war…churches will be forced to go underground

[LFC Comments: We have seen a disturbing trend in recent years. Churches in Lake and Ashtabula counties already have plans in place to hold church services in homes because they believe that the evil forces in government will close the churches. Here is an example of it happening in Canada. Be prepared – the tyranny is ramping up.]


Christian Alliance of America stands with the church in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. 

GraceLife Church of Edmonton Canada has been targeted by the Canadian government for closure for what the government states are violations of the law. Pastor James Coates was jailed for over a month. The church has been fined, and last week authorities came to fence off the property, forbidding the pastor and congregants from entering the church property.

In this email we provide video of people who have come to support the church. We are also providing video of the underground church service that Pastor Coates and the congregation held on Sunday, as their church property has now become forbidden to enter by authorities. We ask you to pray and to read carefully the statement from Pastor James Coates and GraceLife church provided at this link. This will tell the long saga that the church has endured this past year during the COVID-19 restrictions in Canada.

Like many churches here in Ohio, they attempted to play by all the rules, but then the rules kept changing, and now the authorities are acting in a tyrannical and authoritarian-style, deploying militia for enforcement.  The images of the GraceLife Church of Edmonton Canada closure can only be described as a China-like forced church closure.

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Church of Los Angeles can identify with the oppression that the Christians in Edmonton are currently experiencing, and he has made a statement in their support.

Chris Long of the Christian Alliance of America made the following statement, “If we fail to stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ in their time of peril now, it will only encourage more tyranny.”

“Modern society is hypnotized by socialism. It is prevented by socialism from seeing the mortal danger it is in. And one of the greatest dangers of all is that you have lost all sense of danger, you cannot even see where it’s coming from as it moves swiftly towards you.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian dissident

Join us in praying for the church and for religious liberty.




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