Reign of Terror at Meadowlawn Condos in Mentor

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‘He has had a reign of terror that is as corrupt and illegal as everyone can see’ – Mentor property manager accused of harassing, neglecting residents

By Kelly Kennedy| May 4, 2021 at 11:19 PM EDT – Updated May 4 at 11:51 PM

MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) – A Mentor property manager has been accused of harassing residents. They claim they went without heat for weeks, and it gets worse; he was even accused of throwing nails in front of an elderly woman’s garage.

Property Manager of Meadowlawn Condominiums in Mentor, Bryan Mansfield, was caught on an elderly resident’s Ring doorbell camera making various obscene gestures.

“He went by my doorbell flipping me off,” said Phyllis Rosenbaum. “He spit on my camera, and he’s just it’s constantly just trying to harass me.”

For more than a year, 81-year-old Phyllis Rosenbaum says Mansfield has been threatening her. Dozens of people living there have come forward and told 19 News they had been tormented by him. Some say they went without heat for weeks, and Mansfield refused to fix it.

“Heat, water, I mean critical services, and it’s all wrong, and it’s all done with malice,” said Attorney Russell Kornblut.

Residents tell me it all started after they voted for two new board members who ran to try to change things.

“He has had a reign of terror that is as corrupt and illegal as everyone can see, but yet he appears to think he’s Teflon and he’s still there, and he will continue that behavior unless he is removed,” Kornblut said.

Attorney Russell Kornblut represents those two newly elected board members, Dawn Argie and Lars Samuelsson. He says Mansfield filed a defamation suit against them, which he says is baseless. He filed a countersuit against Mansfield.

“He essentially runs everything,” said Kornblut. “They have an illegal majority of board members that have absolutely denied their rights, and Ms. Argie and Mr. Samuelsson we’re approached by many elderly women that live at Meadowlawn, and they were especially outraged when it was known that some of these women who had complained about maintenance needs were essentially put on a do not call list because he didn’t want to service them.”

Theresa Simon rents a condo at Meadowlawn. On Monday, she shared some of the Ring doorbell videos on Facebook that show Mansfield making obscene gestures.

“My landlord, unfortunately, received a message in regards to the fact that I need to be evicted in regards to disclosing this information, that it was defaming Mansfield and the association,” explained Simon. “If there’s any defamation of character, you did it to yourself with the actions that took place on that video.”

Kornblut says this litigation is ongoing.

“I hope to be able to get a change on the board and have the bylaws and regulations enforced,” said Kornblut. “All my clients wants to do is serve all of the residents, and they wanna end this cartel; that’s what it has been.”

19 Reporter Kelly Kennedy knocked on Mansfield’s door on Monday, but he wouldn’t come out to talk to her.

He did send Kennedy an email on Tuesday night denying some of the allegations.

His attorney could also not be reached for comment.


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