Lake County, Ohio Riverside School Board…special mask meeting

To Mask, or Not to Mask, that is the Question

Written by: Brian Massie, taxpayer in the Riverside School District
May 5, 2021

I attended the Riverside School Board meeting last night, and recorded the video shown below. School Board member Tom Hach requested the meeting to discuss the possibility of the school district board members deciding that wearing face masks during the next school year will be optional.

Here is the video with some edits for clarification:

I asked each school board member, except for Jack Miley since he made his position crystal clear, whether they believe the wearing of masks should be optional during the next school year. Here are their responses:

Jennifer Harden – School Board President – Optional mask wearing
Lori Krenisky – Optional mask wearing
Tom Hach – Optional mask wearing
Jack Miley – Mandatory mask wearing since it is not important for the teachers to see the children’s faces while they teach.

Belinda Grassi – School Board Vice-President [position unknown at this time]
Here is the email response I received from Ms. Grassi:

“I don’t have a position on next year at this time Brian.  I’ll reserve making a final decision on that until later in the summer when the health department can provide schools with more guidance.  It’s too early to know which way to go for fall yet. 
For myself, I continue to comply with the requirements of my employer and that of my district in the buildings when I am there, and in the community when required by stores or others who request that compliance.

It’s more about what I can do for others and while I’m vaccinated as is my family, I also understand that others are not yet, and it is still my duty to be mindful of my responsibility to others.”

Riverside Local Schools Board of Education


Note to Jack Miley – Your decision is obviously going to be guided by science, and the politically motivated Ohio Department of Health. However, when deciding what is in the best interest of a child, I will take a Mother’s intuition over science and the politicians any day of the week.

And by the way Jack, do your remember the irate parent that was in your face after the meeting telling you how wrong you are? I agree with that parent. You are clueless if you think that seeing a child’s facial expression is not important in education and life! CLUELESS!!

To the parents in the Riverside School District: Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen until you stand up and let your voices be heard. Regardless of what side you are on (mandatory or optional mask wearing), you need to speak up loud, strong and clear so that Dr. James Kalis, Superintendent, knows exactly the majority’s position on the issue. I heard an educator that will accept the authorities’ ruling over the parents who fund the majority of the school’s operating expenses.

Citizens are allowing politicians and unelected bureaucrats to control their lives. If you are happy and satisfied with your child’s current situation, then do nothing. However, if you see that they are on the wrong path, it is past time for you to take action.


Here is the information supplied by school board member Tom Hach:


This flyer was prepared by the Lake County Health Department. Please note that it states that the “requirement to wear a facial covering does not apply when the individual is under ten years of age”. When I asked Mr. Graham, the Health Commissioner, for clarification, he stated that this flyer only applies to retail establishments.

We have a new found appreciation for the COVID-19 virus, it appears that it can differentiate between a nine year old in a Wal-Mart store versus sitting behind their desk in school.

It is obvious that this is all political theater, and the politicians will never let a good crisis go to waste. Ron Graham cannot implement the common-sense policies that he would like. He is being controlled by a 14 person board, and the politically motivated Ohio Department of Health, who, in turn, are controlled by Governor DeWine.


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