Lack of Transparency & Accountability is Acceptable to Concord Trustees

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Concord Township resident

We decided to contact the three Concord Trustees to ask for their support in defunding the Lake County Visitors Bureau. The following is the response from Mr. Morgan McIntosh and my response back to him.

We thought that the local Republicans would support the issue of transparency and accountability concerning the spending of taxpayers’ funds. Unfortunately, it appears that we were incorrect, and they are just like the Democrats. They must enjoy treating the taxpayers like mushrooms – use “fertilizer” as needed during election time, but be sure to keep them in the dark between elections.

Please be assured that this issue is far from being resolved.


Mr. Massie,

Following up to our phone conversation and your written email request (below).  At this time I am able to provide an answer regarding the visitors bureau.  I would like to add, Ms. Lucci and Mr. Dondorfer have asked me to speak on behalf of the board as the chairman.  I have consulted with commissioners, both current and former as well as Mr. Ruple and Ms. Sabath with the visitors bureau.  

There are three reasons by which I believe Concord Trustees are unable take a position regarding this issue.

First,  I have found little appetite in the commissioners office to defund the visitors bureau.  There is agreement among the commissioners the visitors bureau is conducting good work.  Further it is also agreed, there is nothing inappropriate within their financial operation.

Second, I do not see what value our involvement would provide.  There is acknowledgement from the commissioners office there is no need for intervention. Further, both the visitors bureau and commissioners office beleive [sic] there is an opportunity to find common ground to address your concerns regarding transparency.

Third, I find conflict in asserting authority pursuant to the Doctrine of a Lesser Magistrate.  Having consulted with multiple-attorneys, including the Concord Township Law Director and multiple elected officials I have serious concerns acting under this doctrine.  

This concept is not law and is not recognized in ORC.  Thus it does not provide Concord Township Trustees the authority to act under it.  Further, it is my interpretation that taking action on this matter, or any other matter, under the authority of The Doctrine of a Lesser Magistrate would violate the oath the Trustees have taken.

As a result I see no reason this board should act, nor do I agree we have any authority or obligation to pursue action as it is not legally within the scope of our jurisdiction.

Thank you for your time.


Morgan R. McIntosh
Trustee – Concord Township


Mr. McIntosh,
Thank you for your response. I will let the people know that the Concord Trustees find it acceptable that a Lake County Non-Profit may accept over $1 million of taxpayer dollars each year and not be accountable to either the Commissioners or the taxpayers.

I will be speaking to the Commissioners about this subject, and will publish their responses for everyone to see and hear.

In our opinion, you have violated your oath of office to defend the State Constitution. Just because it is not in the ORC does not make it morally correct that the lack of transparency and accountability with taxpayer funding is acceptable.

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens


Attorney Jeff Ruple tells the Lake County Commissioners that the Visitors Bureau is a self-governing body, and therefore, may choose to accept or not accept the Commissioners’ recommendations. Although they receive $1+ million in taxpayer funding, they are not accountable to the Commissioners or the taxpayers.




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