Open Meeting Act Violation in Geauga County

Community Activist, Brian Ames, [a.k.a. by LFC as “The Amazing Mr. Ames”] has found yet another violation of the Open Meetings Act in Geauga County. He has filed the following lawsuit, pro se, against the Geauga County Board of Revision.

A new kind of violation of the Open Meetings Act: having
“alternates” conduct a meeting instead of the elected officials who
comprise the public body. So today I filed a complaint against the
Geauga County Board of Revision

Here is a portion of Mr. Ames’ complaint that details why the meeting in question violated the Open Meetings Act:

Neither the Treasurer, the Auditor, nor the Commissioner were present in the Meeting.

R.C. 121.22(C) requires that “[a] member of a public body shall be present in person at a meeting open to the public to be considered present or to vote at the meeting and for purposes of determining whether a quorum is present at the meeting.

As there were no members of the BOR present in the Meeting, there was no quorum.

The conduct of the public business of the BOR in the absence of a quorum violated R.C. 121.22.

Neither Leyde, Mansfield, nor Morgan could legally make motions, seconds, or vote in the Meeting.

All actions taken in the Meeting are invalid by operation of R.C. 121.22(H).

The conduct of the Meeting was in violation of R.C. 121.22, the Open Meetings Act.




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