Republican Central Committee Meeting 6/7/21

[LFC Comments: We received the following email message from a Lake County Republican Central Committee person in attendance at the meeting on June 7, 2021.]

Melt Down

The vice chairwoman of the Lake GOP Lisa Patton melted down at the party meeting last night. Lisa Patton threw a hissy fit and tried to override the majority when she did not get her way on a nomination. She first said she wasn’t told that members opposed her and then later admitted she did know! She even had her husband Bob Patton try to bully the patriots who refused to back her RINO nominees! It was embarrassing…..she must be following Nancy Macarthur’s Geauga county GOP playbook!!!


Jerry Cirino wants to replace Jason Wuliger as the Central Committeeman in his Kirtland precinct. He was nominated on Monday, but the vote to appoint him to the seat will be in July.

King Jerry Cirino also put on a song and dance as he bought a seat on the Lake GOP central committee for $15,000. Why would a state Senator need to do that? What does he want for that investment? To protect his friends on the Visitors Bureau? To cover up his pro-abortion voting record? Is he afraid the patriots on the committee will endorse a true conservative over him when he’s up for re-election? The old guard is losing control and they sure do not like it. We must support the true patriots who will stand up for the people and defend our values. Please let the people know that there are want to be dictators trying to steal their power.


LFC Comments: Hmmm, $15,000??? We were also sent the following flyer from another patriot announcing a Cirino fund raiser. The buy-in packages to hobnob with the ‘rich and famous’ are quite amazing. Money = Power in politics. Power and prestige is the name of the game. Helping the average citizen is a distant second for many politicians.


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