Pasadena Meetups

We CAN withstand the storm,

if we focus on the Cross.


Saturday, June 19th, Two events back-to-back 10:00 am Self Defense with a Rooftop Korean (Tony Moon) and 11:00 am Solutions to Keep Our Streets Safer with great speakers. Long Beach, CA

Sunday, June 20th  Happy Father’s Day 

Monday, June 21st, 6:00 pm Election Integrity Project-CA, Thousand Oaks, CA Includes information on the question of a California audit.


Wednesday, June 23rd,5:00 pm Harriet Reid will be expounding on Critical Race Theory and how it has permeated America.

Thursday, June 24th,6:00 pm Woodland Hills, CA”Dr. J Anthony D’Marmol was born in the small town of Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. As a young man, he entered Castro’s inner circle, only to find it full of lies and corruption. Soon he found himself a spy and freedom fighter, traveling around the world fighting injustice.”  He is an excellent speaker with a fire that is guaranteed to spread to his audience. If you would like to attend this event please contact me personally.

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