Morley Library Property Tax Levy

LFC Comments: We have had some questions about the recent Lake County property tax bill that everyone just received. We had been told that the Morley Library levy to service their debt had been removed (justification used for passing the Concord Fire Levy for the new fire stations). So why are we still being charged property tax for the library?

Unfortunately, there is still an operating levy for the Morley Library that will be collected FOREVER. The one mill levy will cost the taxpayers $35.00 for every $100,000 of home valuation. We recently received the following confirmation from the Lake County Auditor’s office:

The continuous 1-mill General Fund levy for the Morley Library was passed November 6, 2018.

The election results:

Morley Library Tax Levy Renewal. 1Mill
Vote for not more than 1
FOR THE TAX LEVY . . . . . . . . 10,531 52.14%
AGAINST THE TAX LEVY. . . . . .9,668 47.86%
Total . . . . . . . . ………………….20,199 100.00%

Please note that the estimated annual revenue to the library is $1,142,065. Here is a prior article that we wrote back in 2018. It was quite the eye-opener to learn that no one is checking to determine if a request for any property tax levy is justified.

Who was the main driver of the continuous levy for the Morley Library? Why it is none other than “Mr. Continuous”, Paul Malchesky, now a Lake County judge. Malchesky, along with Chris Galloway, both Concord Trustees at the time, advocated for the continuous safety levy for Concord. Malchesky was appointed to the Morley Board and then “Bob’s your uncle” they pass a continuous property tax levy. They NEVER have to come before the voters again to justify the need for the tax.

LFC will be sending a records request to the Morley Library asking for their financial statements. Stay tuned…


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