Trump Rally in Wellington, Ohio

LFC Comments by Brian Massie – LFC President

A special thanks to patriot Joe Miller for sharing the video he took while he was at the Trump Rally in Wellington, Ohio. For those friends, neighbors and family members that still believe Joe Biden is the answer for what ails America, we realize that nothing we say or do will change your mind. You have bought the communist propaganda of lies, deceptions and betrayals that have permeated our society for decades, and are reinforced daily by a corrupt legacy media. Pure and simple, you have been indoctrinated!

Although we are Trump supporters, there is a concern that we have about the fascination with Donald Trump. It is a growing concern that started after we attended the January 6th event in Washington, D.C.

Patriots must not get complacent and think the the “cavalry is coming to save the nation”. We cannot just sit back and expect Trump and his team to solve our problems. We all need to get involved at the local level with our school boards, local trustee meetings, zoning boards, and the non-profits that are existing off taxpayer funding.

The baby boomer generation may not live to see the reversal of our current march toward full blown communism in our country. However, we have lived a great life off the backs of the prior generations that gave their lives to ensure our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is only fitting that we return the favor to the future generations by not accepting a totalitarian state.




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