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It was another great protest event at the Forest Hills School District on June 28, 2021 this week. The team lead by Michael, Tom, Sue and Linda did a great job of organizing and planning speeches for the event. If you want to see the public comment section for this meeting (some great speeches), go to If your school district is promoting CRT and you want to organize a protest, let us know and we will help mobilize support. (email:

Thank you for signing the pledge to stop critical race theory (CRT) in Ohio. Our weekly update email will keep you informed of progress being made toward stopping CRT in our state and around the country, alert you to actions you can take to help stop CRT, and provide useful information about the dangers of CRT that you can share with family and friends.

Class on How To Run for School Board in Ohio

Close to 200 people registered for the class on How To Run for School Board in Ohio. The class is airing tonight (Thursday) from 7:00-8:30 PM and you can register for it at A replay of the class will be available Friday, July 2 to watch on the EmpowerU website listed above. 


Stop CRT news

Thousands of teachers have pledged to continue teaching CRT despite legislation preventing them from doing so. Check out this article and the list to see if any teachers in your area have committed to teach CRT – not matter what:

***** had 18 members testify in person during the hearings for HB 327 and 25 people testify in writing. This is one of the bills making its way through the Ohio legislature which aims to prevent CRT from taking hold in our state.  Unfortunately, an aide told us it is unlikely that any bill addressing CRT would get a vote before the summer recess, which begins on June 30.  The Ohio House comes back into session at the beginning of September 2021.  

Stop CRT Action Get your local candidate on our web page!! Visit to see the page where all the candidates who support our mission will be listed. Do you know someone running for city council, township trustee, comptroller, etc.? Send them to this link if you do. Any candidate who supports our mission is listed on our web page at not cost and will enjoy increased publicity and visibility while sending an important message about where they stand on the issue of CRT. 

 Debunking CRT: Within CRT, you don’t have to look far to find hilarious contradictions. As the left has begun to realize the backlash against CRT from middle America, they clearly have become annoyed that we even noticed it at all. In states where some form of legislation prohibiting the teaching of CRT has been enacted, these laws are decried by the political left as racist and an attempt to whitewash history. Well, guess what happened today? The US House of Representatives passed a bill to remove from the capitol the statues of any historical figure associated with the Confederacy during the Civil War. The bill enjoyed total support from Democrats, and more than 60 Republicans also voted for the bill.

Forget whitewashing. Your US Congress(mostly Democrats) can actually erase history for you! Does this not seem to make the left’s previous claims, that laws preventing CRT seek to “whitewash” history, ring a bit hollow? It seems that a better solution might be to leave these statues up as a reminder of our past, although shameful so that we can avoid repeating the very same mistakes that led to slavery and the civil war. Instead, many of the “woke” wish to cancel figures from history,  judge them by the standards of today, and then condemn and erase their memory when they do not measure up. 

Well, if the left is going to apply this standard, then they should at least apply it evenly. Hence my courteous reminder that Barack Obama, in 2008, ran on a ticket supporting traditional marriage. This is a reprehensible moral error by the standards of Democrats today.  Leftists, I think you know what you must do now. After all, it is pride month. 

StopCriticalRaceTheory.comis a Coalition of following 29 Ohio Groups. If your group is interested in joining this fight please email us at
West Chester Tea Party
We the People Convention
Portage County TEA Party
Lobbyists for Citizens
Republicans for a Greater Cincinnati
Free Ohio Now
Principles First USA, Inc.
Totally Engaged Americans
Ohio Freedom Coalition
Northeast Republican Women
Ohio Republican PAC
Conservative Republican Leadership Committee
No Left Turn in Education
Ohio Patriots Alliance
Mom’s for Liberty
Warren County Tea Party
Warren County Conservatives
Bikers for Trump
Medina County Friends and Neighbors
East Side Republican Club
Friends of Liberty United
Ohio Stands Up
Joe Blystone for Governor of Ohio
MOVCAC–Mid Ohio Valley Citizens Action
Renacci for Governor
Mac Thompson for U.S. Senate
Mom’s For America


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