Pasadena Meetups

“Wisdom is better than strength.”   

The weekend begins with a warning to please reconsider attending protests or “rallies”. Be aware of the political climate around us. The need for preparation is imminent and these events are a distraction or, in the least, an opportunity for the FBI to enforce the government’s bogus narrative of Patriot Terrorists. You don’t want to get caught in that web.

Saturday, July 10th @ 10:30 am at Balboa Pier AND 

Sunday, July 11th @ 3:00 pm at Huntington Beach Pier 

Julie Assarpour (our speaker on June 30th) has organized events to go into communities and inform parents of the dangers of the experimental injection on children. Who will speak truth for the children?

Wednesday, July 14th Derrick Gates, U.S. Congress candidate, joins us for an honest discussion on the good, the bad and the ugly of politics. 

Friday, July 16th is our monthly potluck.


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