Lake County Neighborhood Watch Program

LFC Comments by Brian Massie – Lake County resident…

We are pleased to provide a platform for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department to explain their Neighborhood Watch Program.

Here is a link to the Sheriff’s website that details the mission of the Community Liaison Department. Sergeant Jerrold Infalvi, a very capable and dedicated Deputy Sheriff, is in charge of the new program.

Sergeant Jerrold Infalvi – Lake County Community Liaison Officer

Sgt. Infalvi graciously agreed to attend a meeting with the residents of Nature Preserve – South in Concord Township. He permitted us to record his speech so that all Lake County residents can hear his message.

We have a couple of clarifications from Sgt. Infalvi on statistics mentioned in the video:

(1) The 140,000 figure mentioned are actual annual calls dispatched to the 20 fire and police departments from the Central dispatch. There are 440,000 annual calls to the 911 emergency number.

(2) The County Commissioners have had discussions with the Townships regarding cost sharing of additional patrols by the Sheriff’s Department. The County would pay the cost of an additional Deputy Sheriff (estimated range $100K – $125K per year) if the Township would pay for a second officer. The County was debating on paying the shared cost between 4 – 6 years, but the final agreement was for 4 years. After that time, the Townships would be responsible for the entire cost of the additional patrol officer.


Here is the manual that explains how to establish a Block Watch program.


Here is a sample of the Neighborhood Watch sign. It is 16″ x 24″ in size – about the same size as a “No Parking” sign. The cost of the sign is $95.00.


Contact information for Sergeant Infalvi:

Sergeant Jerrold Infalvi
Email: jinfalvi
Direct Phone Number: 440-350-5598


Lake County Sheriff’s Office SmartPhone App is available to download for FREE in the App Store and Google Play

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter:


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