Do we have “freedom of the press”?

Written by: Mary Pruitt
July 9, 2021

The following is a link to 3 articles by the BBC relating to the CONSPIRACY to suppress ALL opposing opinions of the mainstream media/big tech decided “truths”. This group of commie style press have named themselves the “Trusted News Initiative”. This consortium that includes Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Reuters, CBC, AP, etc is a voluntarily state sponsored propaganda weapon against all citizens of Lake County, Ohio, the USA and the world.

If you are not aware already, ALL MAINSTREAM MEDIA, including local stations of radio, tv, cable, magazines and newspapers are owned by less than a dozen billionaires in the world.

There used to be good tables in wikipedia created by people across the world, that now have been suppressed under the new wikipedia agreement to censor. Although this agreement went public recently, I have noted the locks on multiple pages for over a year. I was a contributing editor to Wikipedia when it was true to it’s origins. I no longer use Wikipedia as they are now another propaganda tool. Like YouTube, which was created for individuals to have a voice, Google bought it (largest contributor) and censored it, which ruined it forever.

Google can be considered an enemy of We the People based on their China style censorship.! Everyone should just stop using their products. I know how hard it is, as I still use it and am weaning off. It is pervasive in my life.

But, I highly recommend for secure, personalized email as an alternate. I liked it so much now, I opted to pay the monthly fee to support their product. I like to support products and companies that are true to my values of our 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, etc. Some other examples is I stopped shopping at walmart for how they treated Josh Hawley. I shut down my Amazon account which I miss. But they shut down Parler and many others against our 1st Amendment. I quit shopping Kohl’s, closed my wells Fargo credit cards, won’t open any ‘woke’ credit cards, or shop at ‘woke’ corporations. Again, I try to make my dollars support my values. I am now considering Patriot Mobile cell phones. I am afraid to change, but I have to become free from my enemies. I have permanently closed Twitter and Facebook accounts. They do not cost anything, but We The People are THEIR products that are what give them their BILLIONS to create the mess we are in. I decided to stop giving myself over to my enemies.

The Chinese style propaganda and censorship We The People are under, is against every cell in my body and for which many veterans died for. The defense of ALL VOICES and the ability for a Free Press to investigate and inform the public of any and all subjects, has been a pivotal right for all Americans and one of the beacons to everyone in the world. It is under a malignant, pervasive attack and many people still do not even realize ( some do not care) the propagandized world they live under. With state, multi corporations, big tech, big media, all conspiring to “control mis/disinformation” (ie censor to their desires), well, You don’t know what you don’t know!! It is frightening, based on what just took place over the past year and continues today. People are blindly accepting the propaganda.


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