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“A man always has two reasons for doing anything: 
a good reason and the real reason.” 


Let’s be honest about our intentions. When God is no longer the center of our lives, we become the center. (Deuteronomy 4:25) We deprave ourselves when we make an idol of ourselves. When we lose God, we become God. 

Every self-centered person is a self-disrupted person, the self goes to pieces. At this point, you run against a fundamental law of life, deeply embedded in the constitution of things. The law upon which individuals, groups, and nations break themselves when they become egocentric is this: “Whoever will save his life will lose it.”  You are broken, not only spiritually, but mentally and physically as well. (from a teaching of E. Stanley Jones)

Let’s agree that we gather to enrich one another’s lives. Not for our own selfish ambitions but from a desire to be an instrument in the grand orchestra that our Creator God desires to conduct of our lives. 


This is the event Derrick was speaking of tonight:

Please RSVP to

I look forward to seeing you tonight @ 5:00 and Friday, July 16th @ 5:00 pm for our monthly game night and potluck.


Saturday, July 17th are two events. LAGOP Central Committee Meeting @ 10:00 am and 

Daniel Mercuri’s sponsored debate at 6:00 pm  FLYERS ATTACHED

If you would like to carpool to either or both events, contact me 

Let us continue in support of Daniel as he campaigns for Governor of California. 

The tiny tyrant gavin pelosi has pulled a fast one this week and every candidate has been added undue stress as they scramble to meet the deadline the ttgp has set to have documents in Sacramento by 5 PM this Friday. Not postmarked by Friday, IN Sacramento by Friday. 

Silent No More is in agreement that Daniel is the Governor California needs, let us come together and get the word out. I know once he is heard, others will get on the Mercuri train as well.  

Next Wednesday, July 21st Gloria Massey Chinea from Election Integrity Project California (EIP-CA) will be speaking to us and will be bringing with her a volunteer from the Poll Watching panel. You will learn firsthand the details of the upcoming lawsuit EIP-CA is taking to the Ninth Circuit Court. Please do not miss this event. Each of us MUST sign up as a poll watcher and attend training by EIP-CA. I will keep you informed as to the next training. 

We recently had a security issue so I need to reiterate, DO NOT share the address of our meetings with anyone. You may share the flyer publicly/ Any individual is welcome to contact me through the information on the flyer. If someone says they misplaced the address or want to ride with you for the first time, please ask them to contact me directly. I appreciate your discretion in keeping this a safe and solid group of Patriot Warriors. 

For God and Country

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