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Dear EIPCa friend; 

As you know there is a time limit to register to become an EIPCa observer.  Deadline is approaching.  Here are the steps that need to be followed and a corporate notice regarding this coming election with live links for your convenience.  

1)  Interested in becoming an EIPCa observer?   If you are interested in working as an EIPCa observer please sign up on our Election Integrity Project California  corporate website at   Election Integrity Project California – EIPCa Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted (

2) Find this button on the website and complete the questions when you press this button at the EIPCa website

3)  There is a deadline to sign up on the website and for your request to be processed.   The deadline to sign up is Friday, July 30, 2021. 
4)  Once you have signed up on the website,  the corporation office staff will send you via email,  documents that you need to sign in blue ink to become a 2021 volunteer observer or assume a leadership role in EIPCa also there is live link in the corporate email.

5) Those original signed documents need to be sent via USPS to EIPCa corporate office and postmarked no later than  Monday, August 2, 2021.  The office address is on the documents and it is located in Prescott, Arizona.    AZ Office: 1042 Willow Creek Rd. #A101-479, Prescott, AZ 86301.

6) So please sign up ASAP.   Timeline is short and time is of the essence. Due to the date that CA SOS and legislature decided to have the special election.

7) After all those documents are on file at the corporate office  EIPCa VC will send you a VC training schedule for the Gubernatorial Special Election training so you can sign for the VC training site or venue that you would like to attend. 
8)  You will need to reserve 5 hours in your agenda.  The training sessions are divided into 2 sessions.  One session is 3 hours long and the second training is 2 hours in length.   Soon we will be in communication for you to sign up  for training.  

Looking forward to working with you!

Best Regards,
Gloria Massey Chinea

2021 Gubernatorial Recall Election Observations Volunteer


Dear EIPCa Volunteer,


Thank you to every one of you receiving this email. Each of you are at various stages of the application process. Some of you just submitted your volunteer form from the EIPCa website. Hundreds of you already mailed your Confidentiality NonCircumvention Agreement and/or Coordination Team Application to the EIPCa office in AZ.


Because we received hundreds of your forms in such a short time, we have not been able to send a note to let each of you know they arrived as they came in. You can safely assume that your docs have arrived. Your County Coordination team leaders will be contacting you to touch base. If anything is missing, they will let you know.


Now that we are less than two weeks away from the deadline to sign up to volunteer with EIPCa, we are providing the links for all three documents needed for both the Observer and the Coordination Team leader.


Due to the challenges to business in CA, EIPCa is asking everyone to mail your completed, signed documents to the Arizona office.


EVERY volunteer must submit the Confidentiality/Non-Circumvention Agreement.

Click on this link to get the document. Complete and sign it, then mail it to the EIPCa Arizona office.


Please disregard if you have already completed, signed and mailed yours to the EIPCa Arizona office.



Every Observation Volunteer must submit the 2021 Gubernatorial Recall Election Observations Volunteer Agreement.


Click on this link to get the document. Complete and sign it, then mail it to the EIPCa Arizona office.



Every Coordination Team Leader must submit the Coordination Team Leader Application.

Click on the link to get the document. Complete and sign it, then mail it to the EIPCa Arizona office.



Please print it, fill it out and return it via snail mail to our Arizona office:

EIPCa – Arizona Office

1042 Willow Creek Road, #A101-479

Prescott, AZ   86301


EIPCa is a nonpartisan IRC 501(c)(3) charity. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Please help us fund this work, we can’t do it without you.


Linda Paine, President and Co-founder,
Election Integrity Project®California

Election Integrity Project® California 
is a nonprofit public benefit organization

Visit EIPCa

  Please consider donating to the work of  

Election Integrity Project®California.

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