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Another goal of LFC is to try to help Lake County residents, businesses, and especially those entities that have a mission of helping others. This article addresses that goal.

LFC was curious about how an entity can receive funding from the Lake County ADAMHS Board, so we ask Ms. Kimberly Fraser, Executive Director. She was kind enough to provide the following response, for which we thank her.

Regarding your question about criteria to become a Lake County ADAMHS Board provider, in order for any behavioral health provider to receive funding from Lake ADAMHS, there are a number of things that occur:

  1. Annually our board evaluates the needs of the community and takes formal action to issue a Request for Proposals (ORC 340.03).  The RFP is published in March, proposals are due in late April/early May, and contracts are awarded in June for the following fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • The RFP outlines the services in which the board intends to invest.  This list of services is based on an assessment of community needs. All services must be certified by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services – OhioMHAS (ORC 340.036 and OAC 5119.36).  All dollars must be used exclusively for the provision of services to Lake County residents.

3. The Board evaluates all proposals and makes decisions/takes actions based on that evaluation process (ORC 340.032).

Each step of this process is governed by state law (Ohio Revised Code) and consistent with policies and procedures as outlined and approved by the governing board.


LFC Comments: It is remarkable the number of social agencies that are in Lake County. They continue to grow and expand their services. If we were to ask what their mission is, they would undoubtable say that they want to provide the very best (insert service here) for the citizens.

That may be great for getting funding from the ADAMHS Board, but we suggest their ultimate goal should be to put themselves out of business, and then move on to solve another social problem. If they are in drug rehab business that would require that they publicly speak out about stopping the supply of drugs coming into the community, and closing the Southern border. However, that will never happen – one has to ask why?

Our good friends, Pastor Dan Evans and his wife Pat, probably would never pass muster with the Lake County ADAMHS Board’s state mandated requirements, so we are asking for donations for this dedicated couple and their ministry that has positively impacted thousands of lives for the past 30+ years. You will not find a more humble couple in Lake County, and they have dedicated their lives to the service of others.

Send donations to:

Harvest Revival Church
987 Mentor Avenue
Painesville, OH 44077

Please donate to this cause


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