Do you trust the Federal Government?

LFC Comments by P. Revere.

While reading an article on “Truth Decay” I was curious about statistics on how much citizens trust their federal government. I went to the Pew Research website and found some very interesting statistics.

Excerpts from the article:

“When the National Election Study began asking about trust in government in 1958, about three-quarters of Americans trusted the federal government to do the right thing almost always or most of the time. Trust in government began eroding during the 1960s, amid the escalation of the Vietnam War, and the decline continued in the 1970s with the Watergate scandal and worsening economic struggles. Confidence in government recovered in the mid-1980s before falling again in the mid-1990s. But as the economy grew in the late 1990s so too did confidence in government. Public trust reached a three-decade high shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but declined quickly thereafter. Since 2007, the share saying they can trust the government always or most of the time has not surpassed 30%.”

“Currently, 36% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say they can trust government, compared with 9% of Republicans and Republican-leaners. Throughout Trump’s tenure, more Republicans than Democrats reported trusting the government, though that has flipped since Biden’s election. Since the 1970s, trust in government has been consistently higher among members of the party that controls the White House than among the opposition party. Republicans have often been more reactive than Democrats to changes in political leadership, with Republicans expressing much lower levels of trust during Democratic presidencies, while Democrats’ attitudes have tended to be somewhat more consistent, regardless of which party controls the White House. However, the GOP and Democratic shift in attitudes between the end of the Trump presidency and the early Biden presidency is roughly the same magnitude.”


LFC Comments by P. Revere:

I think the trust in government becomes significantly less the further the elected official is from the citizen. It appears that the Democrats will march in lockstep regardless of who is in the White House, or controls the other branches. They will lie, deceive and betray to undermine the nation when the Republicans have the power. Many Republicans, on the other hand, are not good at “hand to hand combat” and will roll over and acquiesce to the Democrats as long as their campaign coffers are filled.

Republicans fight using the Marquess of Queensberry Rules while the Democrats will laugh at the unified rules for mixed martial arts. To them, there are no rules – eye gouging and a kick to the groin is fine with them.

The current Pew research shows an increase in public trust with the Biden Administration. Assuming that they polled U.S. citizens as opposed to illegal aliens, it demonstrates to LFC that at least 9% of Americans are clueless sheep, and will accept the totalitarian state that is being thrust upon them.


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